Challenge Koh Lanta à Marseille

Do you dream of facing the famous pole challenge and pushing your limits while tasting unappetizing insects? This Koh Lanta challenge in Marseille will fulfill all your expectations! Take part in this vibrant team building with your teams for half a day in a setting that invites relaxation and escapism, away from your work environment! After a quick briefing on the activity’s proceedings, participants will be divided into teams. They will receive colored bandanas to differentiate themselves. Each team must get mentally and physically ready to be the most efficient in the challenges during this unique activity. Several challenges will test the teams combining thought, agility, patience, mental and physical communication! Each person plays an important and essential role in a team.

It is therefore crucial to be in perfect harmony to successfully complete this challenge towards victory! To conclude this team building, participants will face the daunting council challenge. Teams that have won an immunity necklace during the challenges can use it to increase their chances of reaching the final pole challenge. But which team will be the last standing in this legendary Koh Lanta challenge? To find out, participate in this Koh Lanta challenge in Marseille, which will be your boost to re-motivate your teams! Awaken the adventurer within you!

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