City Express à Lyon

You wish to discover Lyon in a fun and engaging way. We have the perfect team-building activity for your team, Lyon Express! Lyon is a city brimming with ancient and modern treasures that you will have the opportunity to unearth! It is also a city listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. This team-building event is played in teams. Everything starts after a quick briefing where each team is given an iPad. It contains the route, challenges, puzzles, and more. Teams roam the city streets and must complete as many challenges as possible. Thanks to geolocation, they unlock missions displayed on the iPad and accumulate points! This way, they discover must-see locations (squares, monuments, UNESCO heritage sites…) in a playful manner. The journey is punctuated with challenges: local culture, photo, video, puzzles, image recognition…, so that teams can compete until the final sprint! You will, of course, find all the elements of your favorite TV game show: the black envelope, the black flag, the handicap, the infernal beacon. It’s almost like being there!

At each stop, and for each challenge, a facilitator will provide you with clues on your tablet and offer a helping hand with some of the challenges. This team-building will foster communication, team spirit, and trust among your colleagues, in addition to having a fun and entertaining time. The team that wins this game will be the one that overcomes all challenges with flying colors! The winning team will be awarded a prize worthy of the name. The Lyon express is waiting for you and your team, so are you ready to take on the various challenges and win the victory? Get your tablets ready!

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