The Île de Ré, a small slice of paradise

The Ile de Ré, a small slice of paradise, is an island with authentic charm in Charente-Maritime, renowned for its beauty! Located a few kilometers from La Rochelle, it’s entirely feasible to combine these two destinations during your corporate retreat. The island is full of treasures that create all the magic and warm atmosphere of its environment.

Each season brings a different atmosphere: summer offers the beach and its numerous water activities, spring invites for bike rides across the island, and in autumn and winter, it’s time to stroll through the villages’ alleys or on the beach to capture the sunset lights. You can discover its must-see villages, such as St Martin de Ré, La Flotte, Ars-en-Ré, La Couarde-sur-mer… All have that little something extra that makes us love the Ile de Ré! The alleyways of St Martin de Ré adorned with hollyhocks, La Flotte and its charming little port, Ars-en-Ré dotted with white houses with green shutters, La Couarde-sur-mer and its wild beaches…

Here, cycling is significant. The island’s topography offers several hundred kilometers of tracks on which it is delightful to pedal. You will wander between the salt marshes and vineyards or along the coast to admire the view of the Atlantic Ocean. Also discover the island’s culinary specialties which are largely renowned throughout France. Oysters, samphire, potatoes, salt, and wine are among the local specialties you can try during your corporate retreat. The Ile de Ré, a small slice of paradise with its preserved territory, welcomes you with open arms for your corporate retreat!

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