Bike getaway on the Île de Ré à La Rochelle

With over 100 km of cycling paths, the Île de Ré is a true paradise for all cycling enthusiasts and explorers! The island’s particularly flat terrain ensures that this bike getaway on the Île de Ré is suitable for all participant profiles. Whether you are athletic or not, have no worries! We will explore the flower-lined streets of the Île de Ré discovering the fabulous landscapes this picturesque island has to offer. Amidst woods and vineyards, along the coast, in the heart of the salt marshes, the routes offer a variety of scenery! Keep an eye out, and you might be lucky enough to see salt workers harvesting sea salt. To enhance this activity, we will make a few culinary stops. We will sample some local specialties like oysters, a must-try delicacy of the region! We can also adapt this bike getaway on the Île de Ré for a team building spirit.

We will then embark on a treasure hunt in teams to discover the treasures of the Île de Ré in a fun and playful manner. Several challenges will mark your team building: you will need to decipher riddles, solve puzzles in teams, participate in photo challenges… through the flower-lined streets, the harbor of Saint Martin de Ré, dirt paths… This moment of team cohesion is perfect for creating sharing, support, and a strong rapport among all participants. This bike getaway on the Île de Ré promises beautiful moments to experience as a team!

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