Beach games à La Rochelle

Fine sand, sea as far as the eye can see, team sports… We offer Beach Games in a pleasant setting, in the wonderful Atlantic coast city of La Rochelle! Beach soccer, beach volleyball, paddleboarding, tug of war, and many other challenges await you during these Beach Games in La Rochelle! Divided into teams, participants will need to prepare in advance, physically (with a short warm-up) and psychologically (creation of a team anthem, a shared energy) before going to face the other teams through a series of fun, sporting, and thinking challenges. There’s something for everyone. The goal of this challenge is based on team cohesion and communication among each other. The more unified your team, the better chance you have of winning the challenges proposed. The team with the most points will be declared the great winner of these Beach Games in La Rochelle! An awards ceremony will be organized at the end of the activity with a gourmet basket of local specialties or something else, you decide. as a gift.

A refreshing break will enhance this activity. We can also offer participants a tasting of local products to add a bit of culinary discovery to this lively activity. Which team will manage to overcome the maximum challenges during these Beach Games in La Rochelle and win victory over the others? Cohesion, team spirit, fun, laughter will be part of this sandy team building!

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