The Scandola Nature Reserve

As the leading website in France dedicated to the conservation of both marine and terrestrial heritage, the Scandola Nature Reserve in Corsica covers an area of more than 1600 hectares. To protect this reserve, only guided boat tours are allowed. This restriction has enabled the reserve to repopulate its land with endangered species such as the osprey.

From the sea, you will discover a rich diversity of landscapes shaped by erosion. Volcanic rocks of an intense red, astonishing cliffs, hidden caves, rocks sculpted by the wind and sea, all contribute to the beauty of this nature reserve kept safe from human activities. Near the tip of Punta Palazzu, you can gaze upon several basaltic columns and tafoni (cavities formed by the erosion of magmatic rocks). You’ll also have the chance to explore the island of Gargalo, an integral part of the reserve with its lighthouse and old Genoese tower. The Scandola Nature Reserve in Corsica also hosts an exceptional variety of wildlife and flora. Look up to the sky, and you might spot silver gulls, crested cormorants, peregrine falcons, and many other birds.

In light of the recognized benefits from these numerous access restrictions to the reserve, Corsica is currently considering the possibility of extending the protection of this exceptional territory. Our agency, committed to environmental values, will introduce you to this preserved land of incredible wealth during your corporate retreat in Corsica.

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