Paragliding in Calvi in Corsica

Corsica is a must-visit destination that offers a variety of landscapes: mountains, natural pools, dreamy beaches… In Corsica, there’s something for everyone! There’s nothing better than exploring these landscapes through an unusual and uncommon activity such as Paragliding in Calvi! It will provide you with an exceptional and unique experience. What is paragliding? We will tell you a bit more about it. For paragliding in Calvi, you will head to the launch site, once there, you will strap into a harness, which is worn like a backpack and transforms into a seat once in the air, and a helmet. Then, the instructor attaches to your harness, inflates the sail, and then you will take a few steps forward to take off. Your time in the air lasts about 30 minutes (sometimes a bit more). Your journey through the sky can vary as the paraglider operates and is steered depending on the wind. It’s an activity that will give you intense sensations and a true feeling of freedom, once in the sky, you will truly feel like a bird.

You can bring a camera to capture a memory of this unforgettable experience during your corporate retreat. It is also possible to do this activity at sunset, adding even more magic to this unusual experience. Paragliding in Calvi is suitable for everyone, even the most fearful, as vertigo usually disappears as soon as we take off and it’s a safe activity. All your teammates can thus participate in this incredible adventure. Expect to see breathtaking panoramas with magnificent beaches, and imposing mountains… So, ready to take flight?

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