Cannes cuisine: a delight of French cooking

Cannes, famous for its glamour and international film festival, is also a true paradise for food lovers. The city is full of world-renowned restaurants, artisan bakeries, and lively markets, offering an unforgettable culinary experience. Explore the richness of Cannes’ gastronomy, which perfectly blends tradition and innovation. Cannes cuisine is rooted in French culinary tradition, highlighting fresh, quality ingredients. Seafood plays a central role in this cuisine, thanks to the proximity of the Mediterranean Sea. Freshly caught fish, such as sea bass, sea bream, and red mullet, are carefully prepared and accompanied by seasonal vegetables to create delicious and balanced dishes. Provençal specialties are also featured in Cannes’ gastronomy. Olive oil, aromatic herbs, and Mediterranean vegetables, such as tomatoes, aubergines, and peppers, bring unique flavors to the dishes. Don’t miss trying a delicious Cannes ratatouille, a tasty mix of simmered vegetables, or a traditional Niçoise salad, made with fresh vegetables, olives, and tuna.

Cannes is also renowned for its pastries and refined desserts. Local bakeries offer a variety of sweet delights, such as the famous crispy croissants, melting chocolate éclairs, and fresh fruit tartlets. Let yourself be seduced by these pastry creations and give in to the temptation of a sweet break during your visit to Cannes. To accompany these culinary delights, the region offers a selection of renowned wines. The surrounding vineyards produce quality wines, including fresh and fruity rosé wines, which pair perfectly with Mediterranean dishes. Take the opportunity to explore the local vineyards during a wine tasting, for a complete Cannes gastronomy experience. During your team retreat in Cannes, don’t miss the chance to taste the unique flavors of French cuisine and be swept away by the culinary art of Cannes.

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