Perfume workshop à Cannes

The perfume workshop in Grasse is an essential team building activity for corporate retreats in Cannes. This fun and immersive experience combines learning the fragrant history of Grasse with creating a personalized perfume, thus offering a captivating and enjoyable experience for participants. During this workshop, participants are immersed in the enchanting world of fragrances from the beginning of the guided tour of the city of Grasse. They discover the secrets of this charming town known for its fragrant heritage and learn how premium perfumes are created. Guided by expert perfumers, participants move on to the exciting step of creating their own perfume. They explore different olfactory families and choose the notes that will make up their unique fragrance. This creative experience stimulates their imagination and allows them to express their individuality.

The playful aspect of the workshop lies in the collaboration and exchange of ideas among participants. By accurately mixing different olfactory notes, participants demonstrate creativity and skill. They have fun creating surprising combinations, experimenting with new associations, and letting their imagination run wild. Every step of the creation is a moment of discovery and pleasure, where participants can let their minds wander and their creativity flourish. Finally, when participants finish creating their perfume, they receive a personalized bottle containing their unique creation. It’s a treasured keepsake that allows them to relive the olfactory experience with each use after your team retreat in Cannes.

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