The Camargue and its herds takes you to discover the Camargue and its herds during your corporate retreat. The Camargue horse being one of the emblems of the region, that’s why we invite you to discover a mythical and preserved herd, a place rooted in the Camargue culture. An opportunity for your colleagues to dive into the world of the guardians, integral members of the Camargue heritage. In the heart of a wild nature, you will have the opportunity to discover the profession of breeding bulls and horses. In total immersion, meet the famous white horses and black bulls. Breathe the fresh air and enjoy the panorama of the Aigues Mortes ramparts. The breeders will share all their secrets with you and allow you to take care of the horses, you can stroke them, feed them, and take some photos with your colleagues. The herdsmen will also tell you about the origins of the herds, their history, and their daily lives. The guardians will share their skills with you and teach you the traditions inherited from the elders. Various means are available to you for this unprecedented discovery. Indeed, you can explore the Camargue and its herds on horseback, in a 4x4 or even in a towed trailer. At the end of your visit, the owners have some surprises in store for you. Including some tastings of a selection of local charcuteries, fruit juices, and wine from a local producer. The Camargue and its herds guarantee you a unique experience that will leave you with unforgettable memories of your corporate trip in the region.