Regional Natural Park of the Camargue, between fauna and flora

Marked by the imprint of water and salt, the Camargue is an exceptional natural region, a fragile sanctuary of stunning biodiversity in Europe, preserved by the park. A true Mediterranean postcard, human intervention has been beneficial in preserving the rich natural and cultural heritage of the region. The creation of a nature reserve and the park on September 25, 1970, has greatly contributed to maintaining a certain balance. This latter covers a rather vast area, given that it includes a large part of the Grande Camargue. Located along the Mediterranean, the regional natural park of the Camargue, promises plenty of surprises. Between fauna and flora, let yourself be surprised by the different facets of the park. Your colleagues will be charmed by the wild and authentic landscapes. The site has been classified as a regional natural park of the Camargue because it is recognized as a site of European and national importance. It is to this day very controlled and is subject to several protective measures and international commitments. The park serves as a welcoming land for migrants, overwintering birds, as well as for local birds. It is the leading site in France in terms of the number of overwintering birds it hosts.

The richness of the fauna and flora of the park is worth the detour. Explore the salt marshes, wheat fields, ponds and admire the turtles, herds of Camargue bulls, and white horses. Keep your eyes open, the park is home to nearly 400 bird species including the flamingo, a true symbol of the region’s birds. On foot, by bike, or on horseback, come explore the regional natural park of the Camargue. An experience that will wow your colleagues!