Discover Camargue's culinary specialties!

The Camargue is a natural and wild area in the south of France, offering a refreshing and relaxing destination. If you’re looking to head to the Camargue for your corporate retreat, but aren’t too familiar with Camargue culinary specialties and want your team to enjoy them, you’ve come to the right place! We’ll tell you more about it. Some examples of what you can find in Camargue include: Firstly, La gardiane de taureau, also called Camargue stew, is a traditional dish made with Camargue bull meat, olives, and red wine from the Camargue vineyards. Then, Fish soup, a dish made of fish and vegetables, might not seem very appealing at first but is delicious, we assure you! Finally, Camargue bouillabaisse, is a comforting dish consisting of monkfish, a generous serving of vegetables, and spices to flavor the recipe. The Camargue also offers various local wines, which are worth tasting! It’s a great excuse for a convivial moment. To explore these culinary specialties of Camargue, we offer several options. We can set up tasting tours or workshops, as well as take you to the region’s best restaurants, so you can enjoy a lunch or dinner. We suggest contacting our agency,, and we will recommend perfect dining locations and activities for your team. The culinary specialties of Camargue promise delightful surprises for your taste buds!