What do we eat in the Basque Country?

The Basque specialties are a true delight for your taste buds! If you hold your corporate retreat on the Basque coast, you’ll be lucky when it comes to gastronomy. The Basque Country is one of the most attractive culinary regions in France. In addition to its culture, landscapes, and history, the Basque coast offers an exceptional gastronomy you won’t find anywhere else. This is what makes this region and France so popular. It’s important to know that Basque cuisine consists of many products, you will find Bayonne ham, Espelette chili, South-western foie gras, Chipiron, AOP Ossau-Iraty… These are must-tries of the destination. Besides being delicious, they also make great souvenirs to take home! This cuisine offers rich and varied dishes from starters to desserts. Here are some examples of Basque culinary specialties you can find:

The Basque Garbure is a soup made of delicious vegetable blends (cabbage, potatoes, turnips, and white beans) and confit meats (heel of Bayonne ham and duck drumsticks). You could also taste the famous Basque chicken, a traditional dish made with chicken, pepper, and many spices (fun fact, it sports all the colors of the Basque flag). And for dessert, why not the legendary Basque cake, a round, golden cake called “etxeko bixkotxa” in Basque. It consists of a crispy biscuit filled with either pastry cream, almond cream, or black cherry jam. It’s delicious! To discover these Basque specialties, several options are available to you during your corporate retreat. We can set up tastings in typical restaurants, as well as lunches or dinners in the best restaurants of the region, or even tasting tours through the city to discover the specialties while visiting!

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