Espelette, a small village with a big reputation

The village of Espelette is located in the hinterland of the Pays Basque, at the foot of a mountain named Mondarrain. A village rich in color and flavors, Espelette is a must-visit during your corporate retreat. You will not be disappointed! The village is greatly appreciated for its charming local architecture, colorful houses, wide streets of restaurants, boutiques, and cafes, its church, and much more… Join us in discovering the authentic charm of Espelette. Numerous tours, walks, and events await you, we recommend a few: The castle of the barons of Ezpeleta, dating back to the 16th century, is located near the main street. Today, it hosts the town hall and tourism office. Venture inside the building for a visit. On the first floor, you can also see the permanent exhibition, named “the chili pepper in the world”. It features the journey of the chili pepper across the globe illustrated with beautiful photographs. Not to forget the various temporary exhibitions that change throughout the months.

The Saint-Etienne church, listed as a historical monument in 1923, is well worth a visit. The typical Basque church appearance is rather massive. It was once a fortress. Don’t be daunted and take a look at the three levels of wooden galleries all around the interior walls. This way, you can admire its unique baroque altarpiece. The Espelette chili peppers, known worldwide, you will find numerous shops dedicated to the red chili peppers. It’s the perfect time to buy fresh regional products, including the famous chili pepper strings. You will also find various warm restaurants ready to welcome you. This is the opportunity for your team to discover the local cuisine and taste culinary specialties, such as the chili pepper macarons. The village festivals that take place during certain periods of the year will surely surprise you. These events allow you to discover the cultural and gastronomic heritage of Espelette in a festive and memorable way during your corporate retreat. Among others, find the nationally known chili pepper festival, the Axoa de veau festival, its Gauargi festival, or the Crêtes race. Each event offers a rich program including Basque songs and dances, various strength and Basque pelota games, etc… Do not waste any more time, come explore this authentic village with your colleagues, admire its white facades and its famous red chili peppers hanging and discover its culinary specialties. The village of Espelette will enchant you! Join the Pays Basque for your next corporate retreat for more surprises! will assist you in organizing your event!

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