Team building Pelota in Basque Country

Originating from jeu de paume, Basque pelota, the king of sports in the region, is a must-have at your corporate retreat. An ancient regional sport, it is widely practiced today. Ideal for team bonding, a Basque pelota team building is a great opportunity to unite your group and provide them with a unique and friendly experience. Your employees will first be briefed and then welcomed into this traditional sporting world where they will learn about the origin and history of this special sport. They will discuss its different practices (the gros paleta, the pala ancha, the grand chistera, the small chistera, the jai alai, the xare..), not forgetting its game! The Basque pelota team building is contested between 2 teams with a paleta and a hard rubber ball. The principle is to send the ball against a main wall so that it falls back into the play area called the cancha. The goal is to win as many rounds as possible to score maximum points to win the game.

After a quick briefing and initiation, your employees will embark on a friendly tournament. The winning team will be rewarded with a prize to congratulate them on their performance. Accuracy, strategy, agility, and teamwork are essential to succeed in this sport. Indeed, this team building Basque pelota enhances the development of tenacity, perseverance, cohesion, and much more. What are you waiting for?

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