Fun Olympics in Basque Country

Basque games are an integral part of the cultural heritage of the Basque Country. These traditional games are undeniably the team building activity not to be missed when you visit! Give your employees the opportunity to challenge each other in a fun way. The Basque Olympics guarantee a significant team cohesion moment for your corporate retreat! The strength contests originally stem from the daily tasks of farmers, lumberjacks, fieldwork, and construction… After long days, craftsmen would challenge each other and test their physical capabilities. Indeed, your colleagues will find themselves competing in teams, just as the young Basques did, in various challenges such as sack racing, long saw, tug of war, various skill games, weight lifting, throwing straw bales, axe cutting, ear gathering, beret throwing, etc.

Each workshop is then evaluated, and points are awarded based on several criteria (speed, spirit, agility). The goal here is to score the most points to win these Basque Olympics. The winning team will have the chance to receive a prize to reward all the efforts made. Skill, cohesion, and strength are the key words of this team building that will make an impression. Don’t miss the Basque Olympics that will strengthen your employees’ team spirit. We will of course finish with the famous Paquito-Paquito!! Ideal for your corporate retreat, this activity will motivate, challenge, and unite your group. May the best team win!

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