Beach rugby in Basque Country

The Pyrénées-Atlantiques department is one of our star destinations in France, the Basque Country is perfectly suited for your offsite and will meet your expectations. The Basque coast stretches for nearly 35 kilometers of coastline. Indeed, the Basque Country has many beaches to offer. What better way to enjoy them than by experiencing Beach rugby in the Basque Country? A typical activity of the region, this English sport is played on the sand of the coast. It is to date very popular and highly appreciated by the Basques. Ideal for fostering team cohesion, Beach rugby in the Basque Country will satisfy your employees who can challenge each other in teams during the tournament. Communication and team spirit will be the key elements of this team building. Several rounds will be organized until the finals, the teams will be in competition and must score the most points. The team will receive a prize for its commitment and efforts provided.

Your corporate trip cannot be complete without this unique, sporty Basque touch that guarantees hearty laughs and sharing! Don’t miss Beach rugby in the Basque Country, a unifying opportunity that will allow you to enjoy the landscapes offered by these coastal beaches. Of course, to accompany this activity, a buffet of Basque flavors will be available. Take the opportunity to make culinary discoveries with your colleagues! Beach rugby in the Basque Country is accessible to all and can be adapted for different levels.

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