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Located on the Baltic Sea, Finland is perfect for breathing the pure air of the great north during your corporate retreat. An offsite in nature in the land of a thousand lakes remains the best option for your next winter getaway. Come live a magical and totally unforgettable experience with your coworkers! At, we love discovering out-of-the-box activities, which is why we’re presenting one of your next team building activities today. A Lapland immersion in the universe of trappers with a sled dog ride. The land of Santa Claus opens its doors for you to discover the Lappish culture, its legends, its northern lights, and its captivating landscapes. Indeed, this is just one activity among many; Lapland offers a wide range of extraordinary outdoor activities.

Once, sled dogs were merely a mode of transportation. Today, they play a crucial role within the hunter community. They are recognized for recreation in Finland and in other countries like Canada. Once equipped, at the starting point, the trappers will explain how to steer the sled and will give you the route and safety rules. Then, you’ll be seated behind a team of sled dogs consisting of beautiful Huskies and Malamutes for a ride. You might even have the chance to admire the northern lights during this unique walk, an extraordinary offsite that will remain etched in their memories. Escape for a ride and experience sled driving. Each participant will have their own sled to properly live this adventure! You will be accompanied by professionals throughout the activity. Don’t wait any longer, come discover breath-taking landscapes, pulled by a pack of affectionate and playful wolf dogs. Share this unprecedented experience with your coworkers!

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