Organize a corporate retreat in Helsinki, Finland.

Few cities in Europe are as forward-thinking as the capital of Finland. Finns have stepped into the modern era and embraced design, cuisine, and art. This is never as evident as in Helsinki. It is a wonderful city that has delighted us with numerous activity opportunities.

For such a modern city, nature is never far away - the city boasts an impressive amount of green spaces and stretches across a series of islands in the Baltic Sea. Added to this are the city’s delicious restaurants and the Finns’ evident affinity for wellness. There is even a Finnish word, “kalsarikannit”, which describes the act of staying home in underwear and drinking with no intention of going out.

So, set off to explore this country in Northern Europe and let yourself be dazzled by Finland’s raw and serene landscape.

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Corporate Retreat in Finland, National Parks Highlighted

The Finland is a perfect destination if you’re looking to organize a corporate trip with a theme centered around nature. Indeed, the country is home to several national parks that contribute to the fame of its natural heritage, making it a unique destination in Europe. Among these, Riisitunturi National Park is an ideal place for a walk, where the coniferous forests are sure to impress. Along the way, you might even encounter one or more moose. Next, visit Repovesi National Park, known for its calm and serene atmosphere, where group hikes are possible. During warmer periods, enjoy swimming in the clear waters of surrounding lakes. At Lemmenjoki National Park in Lapland, endless coniferous forests await, along with rivers teeming with fish. Another must-visit is Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park in Northwest Lapland, with several marked trails making exploration easy, whether by bike or on foot. In Urho Kaleva Kekkonen National Park, named after a former president of the country, outdoor enthusiasts can indulge in hiking and admire the famous Northern Lights. Pyhä-Luosto National Park, ideal for hiking in an authentic and traditional setting, and Ranua Wildlife Park, home to arctic animals such as brown bears, lynxes, wolves, and reindeers, are also noteworthy.

Other Must-Visit Spots in Finland

Finland is not just about national parks. Other wonderful places to visit include Rovaniemi, also known as the village of Santa Claus. Considered the home of Santa Claus, this capital of Lapland is where the countless gifts distributed to children worldwide originate. Visiting here immediately immerses you in a magical and mythical atmosphere. We also recommend visiting the winter sports resort of Luosto, where you can enjoy all Finland has to offer, including snow sports like skiing or snowboarding, and a reindeer-focused photo safari. Additionally, this resort is an ideal place to witness the Northern Lights from October to March.

Organize the Best Corporate Retreat in Finland

Finland is a top destination for hosting an extraordinary team retreat. With numerous advantages, it’s ideal for a refreshing stay with your team. For your next team building or corporate retreat, entrust us with the planning of your trip for a tailored experience

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