Discovering the Croatian Islands: The Elaphiti Islands

It may seem exaggerated to describe the Croatian islands, or Elaphiti Islands, as a hidden paradise, but once you set your eyes on one of these jewels, you’ll understand why it’s true. The lush vegetation of the Croatian islands combined with the blue of the sea and sky make it a unique and beautiful place with untouched nature. It’s worth experiencing and discovering this magical corner of the southern Adriatic during your team retreat in Croatia. The largest of the Croatian islands, Sipan, with its two charming large villages, offers numerous leisure activities and fun beach activities. However, seasoned Sipan enthusiasts know that the island is home to many hidden beaches and tiny bays that are more easily accessed by boat. Sipan is also an excellent destination for walking, hiking, or trekking. The island houses 39 ancient churches as well as 42 medieval aristocratic residences. Besides the examples of ancient architecture, hiking across Sipan means walking through olive groves and bushes of Mediterranean aromatic herbs. Eventually, at the top of Velji Vrh, you will have a breathtaking view of the island and the surrounding archipelago.

In a word… relax! The small island of Lopud is absolutely perfect for those wanting to get away from it all. Here, motor vehicles are banned. You can spend your time exploring the island’s trails through its lush vegetation, especially on a walk to Sunj bay. It’s also possible to rent bicycles to traverse the island’s trails, or kayaks for more active water adventures! On the historical side, the remnants of the rector’s palace and the ruins of the fortress are worth a look; you can also discover a Franciscan monastery overlooking the village of Lopud and a number of churches dating from the 15th and 16th centuries. As the smallest of the Croatian islands, Kolocep must be considered the epitome of tranquility! It’s an ideal place to relax and stroll quietly on the trails crisscrossing the island through its pine forests, before retreating for a few hours on one of the sandy beaches. Swimming enthusiasts will appreciate the crystal-clear waters, discovering coves and sandy bays, and the famous Blue Cave. The island also has a number of interesting churches, some dating back to the 9th century. There are many other Croatian islands, all equally interesting and beautiful, which we can explore during your offsite in Dubrovnik.

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