Beach Games in Dubrovnik

The team building Beach games in Dubrovnik start with an ice-breaking session that is also used to divide the group into teams, ensuring that Tribes are separated and new relationships are formed. These tribes then compete in various fun and unusual exercises. The challenges include Beach volleyball, picigin, swimming relay, champagne diving, sandcastle building, and other fun games that certainly elicit more than a few laughs. This is a structured team building activity in which all members participate at all times. Points are awarded for each exercise and the team with the most points at the end of the event is declared the winner of the team building Beach games in Dubrovnik. Our team sets up stations along the waterfront, each presenting a different team building challenge - fun tasks that require coordination and a bit of ingenuity to solve, but no specific physical ability or fitness level, making this activity perfect for all types of groups.

During the Beach games in Dubrovnik, you can discover a spectacular coastal landscape with pebble bays, hidden sandy beaches, and the most beautiful spots for a memorable day at sea! Croatia is renowned for its exquisite coastline, so it makes sense to combine the beach and team-building during your offsite in Dubrovnik. The beaches of Dubrovnik, breathtakingly beautiful, are a true highlight of Croatia and even among the best in the country. Both in the old town and in the surrounding area, the selection of dreamy beaches is unique and guarantees an unforgettable team retreat in Southern Dalmatia. The beach is an ideal place for fun. In the case of corporate events, there are many things that can be appealing to employees. The sand and water offer more than just entertainment, but opportunities for exercises that foster greater engagement among colleagues.

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