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Marrakech, the pearl of Morocco, is a land of contrasts where tradition and modernity coexist harmoniously. This mystical city offers a diversity of experiences that promise to nourish your soul, awaken your creativity, and broaden your understanding of ancestral Moroccan traditions. Here is a selection of ten of the most beautiful places in Marrakech to discover in the vibrant heart of Morocco.

Handcrafted discovery of the potters' village

The mini-tour of the visit to the potter’s village takes you to the heart of a very authentic village dedicated to Moroccan handicrafts, near Marrakech, where you will discover the entire production cycle of traditional pottery, whether on the potter’s wheel or through the molding technique. Our potter also provides details on the different types of Zellige, as well as on the firing of the pottery, an essential and delicate operation. The discovery continues with another craftsman in his Tadelakt workshop: you witness the ongoing work in the workshop, understand the various steps that allow decorating pottery with Marrakech’s traditional plaster. The visit concludes with a basketry artisan: his workshop offers you everything you need to know about the raw materials used in Morocco to create basketry items. You will discover traditional productions and the latest in design of basketry objects.

2. Exploration of the Tanners’ Quarter

Isolated from the city’s souks, the Tanners’ Quarter is a picturesque area of Marrakech, where one discovers the secrets of the leatherworking technique. It is located near Bab El Sebbagh gate, to the east of the Medina. The visit allows for the discovery of ancestral methods by which animal skins are transformed into soft leather. The skins are limed, macerated in huge pigeon droppings vats to be cleaned and softened. They are then beaten in other vats called fulling mills before undergoing tanning with vegetable and mineral tannins, and then drying, dyeing, and finally sun drying again.

3. Botanical Escape: from Majorelle to Menara

Spend an afternoon exploring the botanical treasures of Marrakech. Visit the famous Majorelle Garden where you can admire its influence reflecting its vibrant history and the French influence through exotic plants and architecture. Then immerse yourself in the orchards and olive groves of the Menara and Agdal Gardens.

Scenic hike through the Berber villages

A hike through the fresh greenery of junipers and pines is an ideal way to rejuvenate both body and soul. Cross deep gorges, bursting river sprays, and almond trees. The valleys are home to small hamlets and Berber villages, a community of farming and agriculture. Visit their homes and interact with them to learn more about their traditions and customs.

5. Visit traditional leather workshops

Leatherwork encompasses all the small objects that are (or at one time were) made of leather. Visiting a leather workshop takes you to meet a leather craftsman who works in a fondouk of the Medina. By talking to him, you discover the world of leather, the upstream operations necessary for its preparation, and the actual leather crafting.

6. Excursion to Ourika Valley

Discover the magnificent Ourika Valley, nestled in the Atlas Mountains. Hike along the cliffs at the mountain base and discover the richness of Berber traditions. Gaze at the Ourika River, which starts its journey in the High Atlas mountains and flows towards Marrakech. Observe a wide variety of plant species, and even the rare Barbary macaques that have made this valley their home. The walking tour is perfect for those who want to discover the splendor of the High Atlas Mountains without climbing to the summit. Admire the refreshing waterfalls and take advantage of this magnificent location for photography, then enjoy lunch at one of the typical restaurants in Ourika.

7. Relax at the hammam, the Moroccan spa

Indulge in some relaxation during a visit to a Moroccan spa during your team retreat in Marrakech. Rejuvenate at the soothing steam bath (hammam), pamper yourself with Moroccan beauty products like the famous argan oil, Beldi soap, and rhassoul

8. Buggy adventure at Lake Lalla Takerkoust

Embark on an adventure at the helm of your buggy to explore the Atlas Mountains and Lake Lalla Takerkoust! Whether solo or with a partner, the buggy will be your ideal companion for ascending the Atlas slopes. With its great maneuverability, you’ll be surprised and won over by its reliability, ease of use, and motor power. Navigate the winding roads, combine straight lines and curves under your acceleration, and have a thrilling experience! An activity that is a must-try! A cascade of sensations and laughter is on the agenda!

9. Charming Carriage Ride Through the City

Marrakech is one of the rare cities in the world that still uses horse-drawn carriages as a means of transportation. This type of transport has been in use for 200 years in the Moroccan city. Seeing them calmly traverse the streets, one gets a strong desire to take one for a beautiful ride. They indeed offer an easy way to visit the main tourist sites of the city.

10. Climbing at the Rocks of Terres d’Amanar

An introduction to climbing at the Amanar rock. Instructors guide and secure you safely on a 10-meter-high wall. For the more adventurous, the return to the site is via the longest Zip-line in the area, 320m long and 110m high.


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