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In a world where sustainability has become a priority, businesses are increasingly aware of their environmental impact, including when organizing events and corporate retreats. At, we believe that every detail matters in making an event not only successful but also planet-friendly. This article offers practical tips for organizing your corporate retreats in an eco-responsible manner.

Séminaire en Carmargue

Choose a venue committed to sustainability

The choice of location is crucial for the ecological footprint of your corporate retreat. Opt for establishments certified by ecological labels such as the Green Key or the European Ecolabel, which guarantee high standards in environmental management. Sites like can help you identify these committed venues.

2. Minimize the carbon footprint of travel

Encourage the greenest modes of transport possible. Favor locations accessible by public transport and encourage participants to take the train over flying if possible. For groups, consider renting eco-friendly buses, such as those powered by electricity or biogas.

3. Support local and ethical suppliers

For catering, choose caterers who use local, seasonal, and organic agriculture products. Not only will you reduce the carbon footprint associated with food transportation, but you will also support the local economy. can connect you with suppliers who share these values.

4. Reduce waste

Opt for a zero-waste policy by avoiding disposable materials and preferring reusable dishes. Set up sorting stations and ensure that waste is properly recycled. For corporate gifts, choose useful, durable objects or those made from recycled materials

Use green technologies

During your corporate retreats, use energy-efficient equipment and favor digital documents to avoid excessive paper consumption. Also consider carbon offsetting for parts of your event that cannot be entirely green.

6. Raise Awareness and Engage Participants

Include an educational dimension in your event by raising participants’ awareness of sustainable development issues. This can be achieved through sustainability workshops or lectures by ecology experts. Getting participants involved strengthens the impact of your actions and encourages everyone to adopt greener practices in their daily lives.

7. Track and Evaluate Impact

Setting up environmental performance indicators to measure the impact of your offsites is essential. This may include the amount of waste produced, energy consumed, or the number of participants who used sustainable transportation. These data will help you continuously improve your practices.

Organizing an eco-friendly corporate retreat is not only beneficial for the environment, but also a great opportunity to strengthen team cohesion around common values. At, we are here to support you in this green initiative, providing you with the tools, venues, and advice needed to make your event a success while respecting our planet.

Ready to organize your next corporate trip? Visit for our eco-friendly destinations and services, and start planning an event that will make a difference!

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