Singulart:Discovery offsite in Paris

Chantilly is renowned worldwide for its castle, which houses the prestigious collections of the Condé Museum, as well as for its famous whipped cream. It is also famous for its equestrian activities: besides its racecourse, hosting two renowned horse races, the city and its surroundings are home to the largest racehorse training center in France. With its vast forest of 6,344 hectares, it is also an ideal location for hiking. Since 2007, the Ministry of Culture and Communication has designated the city as “City of Art and History”.

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A Corporate Retreat in Île-de-France

We once again organized the corporate retreat for Singulart towards a destination not far from Paris, but just as charming.   This was a two-day event in a 19th-century style mansion.They woke up to the sweet singing of birds, in a listed site.The hotel had all the leisure facilities necessary for the happiness of the participants: swimming pools, wellness area, games area, restaurants…   Upon their request, we organized a fantastic festive cocktail, with a dance party featuring a DJ.They had fun and danced until the end of the night all together!

A successful team-building event!

They had to design vehicles, customize them, and line up at the start line. A team-building event that was a great success due to its purpose, but also because of its focus on sustainability.


Everyone found their place and each had their role: designer, builder, assembler, decorator, driver, mechanic… Everyone participated and got their hands dirty!


A moment of cohesion and joy for the Singulart team.

Cohesion and Fun!

Singulart once again trusted us for their annual corporate retreat, a decision that proved to be more than conclusive as the participants left with wonderful memories that will remain etched in their minds.


We are delighted to have supported them in their corporate retreat, which has helped them to increase their team cohesion.

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