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To organize a successful corporate offsite, we offer you management tools such as our offsite management platform and a dedicated event application.

These tools allow you to reflect together on the organization of the offsite, follow the progress of the project, store all the necessary documents in the cloud, access the complete and detailed program of the event, share photos and videos live on a secure social network, and obtain instant assistance if needed.

Our goal is to help companies create lasting bonds between team members through a successful corporate retreat. plans &
manages all stages
100% integrated planning
Branding & visibility
Minute-by-minute schedule
Management & coordination

Our collaborative tools :
Stay connected

Co-building your project means staying connected!
To facilitate communication and management of your
offsite, we have created personalized workspace and app:

“Offsite Workspace”

An essential collaborative tool for managing and organizing your event :

  • Co-construct and evolve the project quickly
  • Have a global view of the progress of the event
  • Group in the Cloud all the necessary documents for organizing the seminar (participant registration, room allocation, flight reservations, team building…)
seminairecom outil offsite management
seminairecom mobile app

Event Mobile App

A secure interactive mobile application to

  • Access the complete and detailed schedule of your offsite
  • Share your photos and videos live on a dedicated secure social network for your event
  • Send an instant message to our team team if you need help your event
Transform your
offsite into an
extraordinary moment