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In the southeast of Tunisia, you’ll find an island with a paradisiacal appearance. Known by the name of Djerba, this island, which is the largest recorded on the coasts of North Africa, continues to attract visitors wanting to get away from the hassles of everyday life.


With its white sandy beaches, predominantly mild climate, and transparent sea waters, it offers an exotic and authentic setting where relaxing is a pleasure.


So, embark on Djerba for your next corporate trip and recharge in the midst of this Tunisian paradise.

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Team Retreat in Djerba: What to Do?

Djerba, formerly known as the island of Meninx, is a flat island covering an area of 514 km². Despite its small size, be aware that this island offers a wide array of entertainment options. Moreover, it is home to numerous unique places that are a must-visit.

During your stay on the island of dreams, as Flaubert calls it, do not miss out on visiting the island’s main city, Houmt-Souk. With more than 20,000 inhabitants, this city is full of life and is constantly lively, regardless of the time of year. Strolling through its alleys and souks, you will encounter merchants offering local crafts, black soap, pottery, and embroidery at their stalls. All this along with spices that pleasantly scent the air, giving the souks a very warm atmosphere. While wandering through the alleys of Houmt-Souk, admire its unique architecture, where lime-washed houses mix with stores featuring colorful and flowered facades.

From this main city, continue your exploration by boarding magnificent sailboats to reach the Island of Pink Flamingos. This excursion, as the island’s name suggests, will allow you to admire these pink flamingos wading nicely in the water.

To keep with the theme of animal discovery, we suggest visiting Djerba Explore Park. In this park, you’ll find a crocodile farm that is one of the largest on the African continent. Here, you can admire more than 400 crocodiles.

Finally, do not leave Djerba without experiencing one of its hammams or one of the island’s thalassotherapy centers. This will be an opportunity for you to relax while immersing yourself in Tunisian culture.

Team Retreat in Djerba: What to Eat?

A corporate trip is also a chance to embark on a culinary journey and discover new flavors. During your visit to Djerba, be sure to try the Djerbian couscous. Also, sample typical dishes of the island such as lamb cooked in a clay pot or the Fatma’s fingers, a pastry filled with potato, chicken breast, and capers.

For drinks, opt for laghmi, which is a local drink made from palm sap. There’s also Celtia, a local beer. Do not forget to try some mint tea, or even Turkish coffee.

Choose Djerba for Your Corporate Retreat

Enhance team cohesion by opting for a corporate retreat in a beautiful place like Djerba. To ensure your event meets your objectives, do not hesitate to entrust us with its organization. At, we assure you a corporate retreat in Tunisia that meets your expectations and is tailored to your requirements.

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