Survivor Challenge at the beach in Taghazout

Taghazout offers a spectacular setting, with the sun shining year-round on seven-kilometer-long beaches surrounded by the Anti-Atlas mountains. During the Survivor Challenge at Taghazout beach, we will challenge your team members psychologically, physically, and emotionally while enjoying breathtaking views. Events of agility, speed, creativity, and orientation will make this a highlight of your team retreat in Taghazout. It all starts with creating the tribe’s emblem and name, followed by a relay obstacle course, blindfolded duo, sensory adventure, orienteering race, or the HAKA “tribal dance.” Other tribes will naturally form coalitions and disrupt the main tribes’ performance, making the activity even more fun.

Our Survivor Challenge activity at Taghazout beach, based on the reality TV show, is a very dynamic outdoor team-building event, with captivating cohesion games. You will see your team work, joke, and learn together. The Survivor Challenge program at Taghazout beach is inclusive. Teammates do not turn on each other or eliminate one another. Instead, teams work together to save their teammates and keep them on the beach. Each obstacle requires a variety of skills and everyone has a chance to shine. Our team building activity, Survivor Challenge at Taghazout beach, is scored based on your team’s performance in each task series. The team with the highest score at the end of the final phase is both the true “Survivor” and the winner.

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