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Once a quiet coastal town, Budva is now a Montenegrin tourism metropolis and one of the noisiest and busiest cities on the Montenegrin coast during the summer.

Budva is a city that stays awake until dawn, where no one sleeps too long. Intense nightlife, beaches with a variety of activities, a large water park in the hills, and luxury hotels by the sea make this little piece of paradise an ideal location for a corporate retreat.

Planning your corporate trip to Montenegro will allow you and your team to enjoy an unlimited range of activities and hotels and other facilities suited for large groups. And with, you get tailored support to organize the corporate event that suits you.

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A Country with Marvelous Landscapes, Between Mountains and Sea

The country itself is a wonder for the eyes. Indeed, more than half of the country is situated at an altitude of over 1000 meters. This means that Montenegro’s culture is primarily a mountain culture, enriched by traditions from Southern Europe. Holding your team retreat at these altitudes will guarantee beautiful breaths of fresh air, a total change of scenery, and a unique cultural discovery. Beyond the numerous mountains, Montenegro offers you the chance to discover its emerald rivers and grassy volutes that invite you to opt for walks or picnics in nature. Being a small country, you have the possibility to go from mountains to sea in so little time. Montenegro is one of those rare countries where you can enjoy both the coolness of the mountains and the warmth of the sea, making it the perfect place for a successful corporate event.

Diverse Activities and a Very Warm Welcome

Not so interested in mountain life? Opt for the abundant nautical activities. You can also simply enjoy a wonderful time on a cruise, admiring the country’s architectural beauty along the coasts. Organizing your offsite in Montenegro allows you to discover an interesting culture, warm and very welcoming people, but also a unique cuisine. The Montenegrins are indeed very warm and smiling, which will allow you to make contact with a foreign people but welcoming you with open arms. You will also discover world-renowned historical sites, such as the natural and cultural-historical region of Kotor, Durmitor National Park, Stecci medieval tombstone cemeteries, … Montenegro is one of the countries in the world known for their extraordinary welcome.

A Cuisine Unique in its Kind

Holding your corporate retreat in Montenegro will allow you to both discover this unique culture and to open up to the world. A discovery that will allow you to meet a culinary universe out of the ordinary. Like its geography and culture, Montenegro’s cuisine is very rich and diverse. This mountain culture, crossed with that of the seaside, has led to culinary specialties as delicious as they are interesting, drawing their influence from the Mediterranean basin. Among the various specialties of Montenegro, one can mention Kacamak, a type of mashed potatoes mixed with corn flour, cheese, and milk, Kotor-style fish stew or pan-fried carp. All your collaborators and team members will be delighted during this offsite in Montenegro, as the local specialties are very delicious.

Head to Montenegro for Your Next Corporate Trip

Montenegro has all the qualities to make your company’s corporate trip truly remarkable. Outdoor activities will allow your colleagues to spend unique moments, amidst complete change of scenery. And if you need help during the organization of your corporate trip to Montenegro, call upon our professional services. At, we are composed of a team of experts in organizing corporate events. You will only be delighted with our services and our personalized support.

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