The best ruin bars

Budapest is known for its lively nightlife! The city center of Budapest has numerous bars and clubs with a vibrant and lively atmosphere. Hungarians love to party, and this can be felt in the air whenever you go out, something is always happening! But what is truly unusual in contemporary Budapest? The answer is, without a doubt, the Ruin Bars. These incredibly cool quirky bars located in neglected pre-war buildings have taken Budapest by storm. We therefore offer you the list of the best Ruin Bars in Budapest that you must visit when exploring Budapest.

The Szimpla Kert is a true monument in Budapest. It’s the city’s oldest Ruin Bar! It has several rooms on two floors with underground decor. Szimpla also offers a Hungarian farmers’ market every Sunday morning; visit it to discover local specialties! Instant-Fogaz is one of the most impressive bars in Budapest. It consists of two different clubs: Instant and Fogaz, which have been combined into one space. In total, you will find 18 bars and 7 dance floors with varied atmospheres: techno, rock, pop, or hip-hop. It’s impossible not to be impressed! This Ruin Bar is undoubtedly a must-visit among the best Ruin Bars in Budapest.

Csendes Letterem Another must-see among the best Ruin Bars in Budapest! This bar enjoys an original decoration: old dolls and mannequins, doodles, and whimsical objects cover the walls of this bar. You won’t know where to look! Mazel Tov Budapest This Middle Eastern restaurant is located in the Jewish quarter of Budapest. Unlike other Ruin Bars, it offers elaborate cocktails and tasty mezze plates instead of cheap drinks and ham sandwiches that can be found everywhere. Another difference from most restaurants, Mazel Tov has hostesses to welcome you for a culinary experience that is both modern and luxurious but does not lack authenticity or tradition. This bar/restaurant has successfully made its way to the list of the best Ruin Bars in Budapest with its originality and the quality of its dishes.

Gozsdu Udvar A must-visit towards the famous Jewish quarter of Budapest, the Gozsdu Courtyard is literally overflowing with bars and restaurants with totally different atmospheres. Head there in the early evening and let yourself be guided by its effervescent atmosphere!

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