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We will take you on a food tour in Budapest where you will wander through the alleys of Budapest. This is a total immersion experience in the historical landscape with fascinating architecture, a witness to a tumultuous past! Take a look at the delicious gastronomic history of Hungary with influences ranging from the Austro-Hungarian Empire to the East (Turkish and Balkan) and the Romani culture, while enjoying the very essence of Budapest’s modern multicultural scene, with its young vibe and cultural gems. You will experience tastes that are truly worth trying.

To start this food tour in Budapest, we will visit a local cafe to taste a delicious homemade Hungarian strudel: It is a cinnamon pastry made of several layers of phyllo dough. These pastries are brushed with butter and contain a filling, usually made of apples and dried fruits (raisins, almonds, etc.). With their golden brown color after baking, the result is exquisite!

Next, we’ll head to a local market to try various types of Hungarian sausages, pickled vegetables, and local cheeses. We will stop at a street food stand to taste Hungarian langos. We will taste the traditional Goulash soup or ‘Halászlé’ soup (a stew made of meat, vegetables, potatoes, onions, garlic, and paprika) in a trendy restaurant, while sipping on a good Hungarian champagne.

Also, enjoy Hungarian Foie Gras! Being the third largest producer of foie gras in the world, Hungary is known for its amazing local specialty. Considered here as a delicate dish, it is consumed raw by most people, but you will also find it fried or sautéed in many restaurants. Also, during your food tour in Budapest, try the famous Pörkölt: this meat stew accompanied by small Hungarian noodles. To conclude your food tour in Budapest in style, you will be able to taste the famous palacsinta (“pancake” in Hungarian). These pancakes filled with nuts and topped with chocolate will win you over!

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