Ruins Bars Tour in Budapest

The trend of Ruins Bars emerged in the early 2000s, and today they are a true institution in Budapest. Everyone will remember the first time they stepped into one of Budapest’s famed ruin bars, though perhaps less so leaving them! We all know that colleague groups are the great specialists in after work outings and the accompanying bar crawls! Budapest is the perfect destination to use your favorite line: Let’s grab a drink at the Bar! Budapest is well-suited for fiery atmospheres and passionate discussions among colleagues. Set off to explore the quintessential Hungarian nightlife in the Pest district, for an evening filled with local color. The ruins bars have taken over abandoned buildings from the communist era, creating a unique ambiance different in each area of the building whether it be inside or outside, and across several floors.

Each ruins bar has crafted its own musical universe and style with a 100% retro decoration from carefully picked items from the 70s. Take your coworkers on a tour of the Ruins Bars in Budapest and share a unique moment of conviviality and laughter in the heart of Budapest: A must-do in the Hungarian capital. At the end of your undoubtedly busy day, you’ll need to unwind. And there’s nothing better than a walking tour of the ruins bars all evening long, to dive into the atmosphere of the festive streets of the Hungarian capital and enjoy the music to dance through the night! Historically, these establishments were set up in disused buildings and mysterious, obscure corners, but today they have become “The place to be” thanks to the originality of their decorations and the attraction they have created over the years with the festive Hungarian youth! Your colleagues will be fascinated by the decor, the ingenuity, and the original ideas that the bar owners have come up with. Good vibes and joie de vivre are the secret ingredients that will make your tour of the ruins bars in Budapest a success with your colleagues during your offsite in Budapest.

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