In winter as in summer

It’s well known that the Alps are the favorite mountain destination among the French. It is especially renowned for its snowy landscapes, cheese fondue, snowshoe walks, skiing… But there’s more to it than just that! The Alps hold great potential in spring and summer too, whether in Courchevel, Isère, Charente, or Savoie… Let us tell you a bit more about it. So, it’s much more than snow, ski lifts, and mulled wine by the slopes. Although, those are very enjoyable in winter. It’s also about majestic forests, trails, lakes, and waterfalls. A place where you can observe a wide variety of landscapes, vibrant and astonishing. It’s perfect for rejuvenating and relaxing amidst beautiful scenery surrounded by nature.

A wide range of activities can be organized in the Alps during summer. You’ll have the chance to explore the landscapes by soaring through the air in a paraglider, or you can discover the stunning mountains, their wildlife and flora under a blazing sun by going on high-altitude hikes, or enjoy biking on mountain trails, canyoning, or boating on the lakes… In short, numerous possibilities for your team during your offsite. Especially since the Alps offer quite mild weather in summer with pleasant and warm temperatures and plenty of sunshine!

Conveniently, you can head to the Alps at any time of the year, and it will still be a fantastic moment to share with your colleagues, and also an opportunity for your teams to relax and get to know each other better, or simply have fun in a destination full of surprises. Don’t hesitate to go to the Alps in summer for your corporate trip, and our agency,, will be delighted to assist you in organizing this trip. We know the destination well, both in winter and summer!

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