Treasure hunt in Deauville en Normandy

Ideal for a treasure hunt, Deauville is one of the best destinations for your corporate retreat! Come admire the richness of its heritage and the diversity of its landscapes! All the criteria are met to discover a new universe at each step. Deauville is an authentic postcard that you will have the chance to explore during your treasure hunt. During your team building activity, you will go through totally different paths and landscapes. The boards of Deauville of course, the beach but also small alleys near the port, which will allow you to pleasantly discover its architectural heritage. To succeed in this treasure hunt in Deauville, you will need to follow an itinerary with numerous stages to access the treasure. A real maze, your compass and roadbook will be your best allies. The latter can be on paper or on a tablet.

Each of the clues it presents can be a direction, a clue, a riddle to solve, or an object to find. You will also face challenges and dares that must be recorded as photos or videos. You will also be asked to answer quizzes. Keep your eyes open as all the answers are along your path! This treasure hunt in Deauville guarantees a strong moment of team cohesion. Remember that your team building activity is timed, if you exceed the time, the treasure will be lost forever… Do not miss this thrilling and unique experience with your colleagues!

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