2CV rally in Deauville en Normandy

This 2CV rally in Deauville will reveal the intimate beauty of the region. A passionate guide will introduce you and lead you to the most beautiful sites and landscapes of Normandy! The 2CV, an iconic model of the Citroën brand and emblem of a French automotive era, is perfect for you! It’s the ideal means of transportation for exploring the city and its surroundings while creating unforgettable memories. With the 2CV rally in Deauville, you can marvel at unique landscapes and experience an original and emotionally rich team building with your colleagues! We offer several routes to allow you to explore the entirety of the region. Indeed, you will choose the option that best suits you, according to the various Norman paths that will surprise you with its towns, villages, corners, and incredible viewpoints. Stop in a village, discover a typical farm in the region, and enjoy a tasting of local products such as a selection of cheeses, cider, and more!

All cars come equipped with a roadbook, a Polaroid, and a 1950s playlist to ensure a fun atmosphere throughout the journey. Don’t worry, you will have the opportunity to switch drivers at each stage of this activity. This 2CV rally in Deauville cannot be considered a team building without the “challenge” aspect! Participants will set off on the roads of Normandy with the goal of completing a series of challenges and quizzes, all while working as a team. With each question, teams will earn points and unlock clues to solve the final riddle. Various photo challenges will also feature along the way. So many unusual challenges that will leave a lasting impression! At the end of the rally, an awards ceremony is organized to celebrate the winning team as well as all others who participated in this team building. Don’t miss this memorable bonding activity!

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