Bee Conservation Mission à Lyon

Are you looking for an activity related to nature and focused on ecology for your team during your corporate retreat? We know the perfect activity for a nature getaway. Discover this unique team building, mission to save the bees in Lyon, centered around environmental conservation. During this eco-responsible activity, your first mission will be to act in favor of saving bees worldwide: because without bees, there is no pollination of plants and therefore no survival of either plants or our species! These missions will raise awareness among your participants about environmental and CSR issues of your company, but also allow them to discover a world unknown to them. The hives saved by your teams will then be converted into actual donations for an association working for the preservation of bees, or in sponsorships of bees or hives.

You will meet a passionate beekeeper who will teach you more about his profession, about bees, hives, and the methods to properly care for the bees and ensure their survival. Don’t worry, there is no risk of stings! You will be equipped from head to toe, with a so-called “astronaut” suit which is the essential and indispensable equipment for a beekeeper. Your entire team can therefore participate in the mission to save the bees in Lyon. It’s a gesture for nature and the survival of bees that will allow your employees to develop their confidence in themselves and in the team, but also to experience an extraordinary moment of cohesion all together. Your team will emerge stronger! This mission to save the bees in Lyon is an exceptional and uncommon team-building event that focuses your teams on a very current cause ecology and animal welfare. Come and enjoy it! Ready your gear, the bees are waiting for your help!

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