What drink should you try during your corporate retreat?

Gastronomy is a crucial aspect that should not be overlooked during a corporate retreat! It’s the perfect time to share a relaxing and friendly moment with your colleagues. The beautiful island will introduce you to numerous culinary specialties, all delicious and flavorful. We assure you! These dishes will be paired with Corsican drinks, which must be carefully selected.

Corsica is full of incredible beverages that contribute to the island’s popularity. We invite you to explore Corsican drinks!

  • Corsican beers are indeed produced in a Corsican brewery, “la brasserie Pietra,” using local ingredients, including chestnut flour. You will find the Pietra, Serena, Colomba, or Pietra Rossa. Which will you choose and especially which will you prefer? It’s the ideal drink for a glass among colleagues.
  • Corsican wine: Corsica is known for its fine wine, whether white, red, or rosé. The island has wines with both AOP (Protected Designation of Origin) and AOC (Controlled Designation of Origin).
  • Corsican aperitifs, which are made from whisky liquors or even Cap Corse, Casanis, cédratine… There are many, and I hope you’ll have time to taste them all!

You will have the opportunity to discover Corsican drinks during lunches or dinners on the island in exceptional restaurants. We can also set up tasting workshops with your team. This will allow you to explore all these drinks during a fun team-building event with your colleagues. In addition to introducing you to the island’s specialties, Seminaire.com will support you in organizing your corporate trip as a whole by providing our best addresses and knowledge of the area because the success of your corporate retreat is our priority. The beautiful island is a place full of surprises, that will amaze you at every moment of your offsite. Cheers, and let’s toast to your team!

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