Canyon Discovery in Corsica

Corsica is a destination full of surprises. We offer you the chance to embark on an adventure with a canyoning activity in Corsica. What is canyoning? Let us shed some light on the matter! It’s an exhilarating sport that combines various elements. You will need to navigate through the bed of a stream, which flows through gorges or narrow ravines. Canyoning is practiced in the mountains; you will encounter waterfalls of varying heights which you will cross in several ways, namely: by jumping, sliding, or rappelling. The journey between waterfalls is most often done on foot, but you may have to swim depending on the depth of the pools. You can choose the canyoning in Corsica that interests you the most, the one that best suits your desires and your team.

There are various routes, you’ll be spoiled for choice! For example, the Vecchio, the Gravona, Le Zoicu, the Trichioa… Each one different from the last, but all more intriguing than the next! A professional will accompany you, there to guide you and ensure your safety. Have no fear, it’s an activity that is suitable for everyone; it’s a bit sporty, but you can choose the canyon based on your team’s level! Moreover, you’ll be fully equipped from head to toe, with wetsuits, helmets, harnesses, water shoes… No worries! Canyoning in Corsica will enhance communication and teamwork among your colleagues, who will experience a unique and fun moment! This getaway in the canyons of the island of beauty is an experience that offers you a chance to discover another side of the island and thus create unforgettable memories! So, are you ready for this extraordinary adventure?

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