Corporate retreat in Bordeaux

Bordeaux, the sanctuary for wine enthusiasts, is a city with countless attributes. Its reputation is built on the quality of its wines, but it also shines through its impressive cultural wealth.


The elegance and dynamism that characterize Bordeaux give it a unique identity. This city provides an environment where history and modernity blend harmoniously.


For your next corporate retreat, Bordeaux stands out as a prime destination. Its soothing atmosphere and idyllic landscapes create a conducive setting for your team’s reflection and creativity.


Bordeaux, with its wine tastings and historical charm, ensures a memorable and inspiring professional stay.

Our team building activities for your team travel à Bordeaux

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Why organize
a team retreat à Bordeaux

Bordeaux: A Historic City

Bordeaux boasts several historical monuments and architectural treasures that earned it UNESCO recognition in 2007. During your corporate retreat, it’s worth taking a look at these heritage riches to explore the historical side of this region of France.

In this context, our team recommends starting with a simple stroll through the heart of the city. Indeed, by wandering through the streets and alleys of this Bordeaux metropolis, you will be able to admire the architectural richness of the region’s classical and neoclassical buildings. You can also enjoy the elegant Haussmannian facades of its palaces.

After this walk, visit other must-see sites that have their place in Bordeaux’s history. For example, the Place des Quinconces and the Place de la Comédie, which is home to the Grand Théâtre de Bordeaux. There is also the Pey Berland tower, which, from its 231 steps, offers a different perspective of the city. Also, don’t forget to take a tour of the Musée d’Aquitaine.

Bordeaux: Original Activities for Relaxation

For relaxing moments with colleagues, Bordeaux is a perfect destination where you can indulge in activities as unique as they are original. Indeed, in the Bordeaux region, you can engage in various types of outdoor activities. Activities, we note, that allow you to explore the city in a most original way.

Among the activities to do, we recommend surfing. Indeed, in Bordeaux, more precisely in Lacanau, you will find excellent spots where you can enjoy a lot of beautiful waves. Notably, the Super Sud beach, l’Alexandre, Jah Point, or even la Centrale.

In Bordeaux, you can also try skydiving. The advantage of this activity? It allows you to admire, from the sky, the exceptional terroir that is Bordeaux. For a better view, we suggest jumping from Saint-Laurent-Médoc or from la Réole.

Bordeaux: Discovering the Capital of Wines

Recognized worldwide, Bordeaux is known as a region that produces the best wines. During this corporate retreat, why not embark on a wine adventure? To do this, we suggest a wine tasting at Château Luchey – Halde in Pessac-Léognan. Then, head to Margaux where you can visit Château Margaux or Château Ferrière that offer vineyard tours and wine tastings.

Besides the wine adventure, take advantage of this corporate retreat to try Bordeaux cuisine. You can head to Old Bordeaux to taste Pauillac lamb, Bordeaux-style rib steak, or oysters from Arcachon. At the Marché des Capucins, taste the famous Dunes Blanches and the essential Puits d’amour.

Organizing Your Corporate Retreat in Bordeaux

In conclusion, Bordeaux represents an interesting destination for any professional event. If you wish to plan your next corporate retreat there, entrust the organization of your event to our team by directly contacting our agency We assure you customized care and a program that will make your corporate retreat an exceptional stay.

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