Corporate retreat and team building in Tallinn in the Baltic States

Tallinn is a welcoming capital, with clean air and a relaxed atmosphere. The historical and cultural legacies from different eras contrast with its dynamic and creative urban environment.


Tallinn enchants with its medieval old town, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, its diverse districts, and its rich urban nature. A lively cultural scene throughout the year and culinary delights inspired by local traditions and Nordic cuisine further add to the city’s appeal.


As a modern, sustainable, and innovative capital, Tallinn offers perfect opportunities for organizing corporate events. Tallinn is an ever-evolving city that will never be completed. Each season reveals a new facet, giving reason to return and stay a little longer.

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A Corporate Retreat in the Charm of Estonia’s Capital

Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, is an unmissable destination during your visit to the land of Vikings. As one of the best-preserved destinations from mass tourism, this Estonian capital radiates a charm that is both unique and authentic. Wandering through the streets and alleys of this old town, the first thing you’ll notice is the dominant medieval style across the capital. Designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site, the majority of infrastructures you’ll find in Tallinn showcase this typical appearance of buildings from the 13th, 14th, and 15th century. This is the case, for example, of the Alexander Nevsky Russian Orthodox Cathedral located on Toompea Hill. A bit further to the east, you can stroll in Kadriorg Park. Sheltered from the sun, under the oaks, chestnut trees, and lilacs, you can enjoy an atmosphere that is both calm and soothing. For those looking for a trendier vibe, Raekoja Plats, more commonly known as the Town Hall Square, is the place to be. Indeed, this square gathers numerous bars, restaurants, and cafes that offer local specialties such as kotlett, as well as local drinks like Saku beer. You will also find nightclubs there.

The Best Places Not to Miss in Estonia

Beyond the capital, Estonia boasts numerous other places of interest. Among these places, there is the famous Lahemaa National Park. Situated in the north of the country, it is the largest national park in Estonia. Each year, it draws numerous visitors from all over the world thanks to its cliffs, dense forests, rivers, lakes, and waterfalls. It also hosts numerous animal species including bears and lynxes. In this park, you can also access the Koljaku-Oandu and Laukasoo reserves, which are the main areas open to tourists. Besides Lahemaa, you can also visit the country’s former prisons which today are must-see tourist attractions. The first to visit is Rummu, which is now completely submerged by the lake. The second is Patarei, located by the sea in Tallinn. It offers you a unique opportunity to discover the captivity conditions of prisoners who stayed in this prison. You can also admire the collages and graffiti that local artists have applied to the walls. To conclude your visit, enjoy magnificent sunsets from the grey walls of Linnahall, a square that served to host the Winter Olympics. The place is now an abandoned ruin, but it still exudes a lunar and captivating atmosphere.

Team Retreat in Estonia: Dive into the Heart of the Baltic States

Estonia is a country in Europe shielded from mass tourism, which can captivate your colleagues with its culture, heritage, and abundance of natural reserves. To make the most of your corporate retreat in Estonia, our team prepares a personalized program tailored to your budget and expectations. Do not hesitate to contact our agency

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