Pag, the island of all excesses

It’s no surprise that in recent years, the Croatian island of Pag has become the filming location for many movies and series. When you cross the iconic bridge of Pag, you are immediately struck by the arid, rocky, and vast landscape of the island, similar to the moon. There is no other place like this in Croatia, for sure. The island is often called “the lunar rock”! Beside this moon-like landscape, Pag is surrounded by the bright and clear blue Adriatic Sea. Hidden coves and beaches adorn the island on all sides and the Velebit mountains from the mainland dominate the horizon. Pag is fortunate to have some of the most beautiful and magical sunsets in the world, and the sunrise is nothing short of a mystical experience. This Croatian island is renowned worldwide for its award-winning cheeses, olive oils, and wines. Not to forget, the island is the cradle of Pag lace, a centuries-old tradition started by the Benedictine nuns of Saint Margaret’s convent. But curiously, alongside all this island beauty, culture, and history, the island’s party central, Zrce beach, has become a must-visit spot. Pag, the island of all excesses in Croatia hosts the best festivals and clubbing venues in the world. The incredible open-air sites both day and night, along with all other top-quality facilities related to Zrce beach, have attracted to the island of Pag some of the biggest festival promoters, such as Hideout Festival, Sonus Festival, and Fresh Island. Additionally, the Pag cuisine is simply breathtaking. Croatian cuisine is influenced by Hungarian, Italian, Serbian, Greek, and Turkish cultures, which is evident in its delicious dishes. What makes Pag’s cuisine special is that the Konoba and local restaurants understand the importance of organic and local food, and they incorporate these local and traditional products into their cuisine as much as possible. Pag, the island of all excesses in Croatia, is an eclectic and unusual mix of energies! will introduce you to this different and intriguing place during your corporate retreat!

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