Croatian dishes to know

Even though Croatia is a small country, its cuisine is rich and varied. Croatian cuisine varies from one region to another, making it one of the most diverse cuisines in Europe. In the past, the fresh ingredients available to the inhabitants of these regions were used in the preparation of delicious traditional Croatian dishes, here’s an overview. This Croatian region is one of the most beautiful parts of Croatia, known for its unspoiled nature, its beautiful historic coastal towns as well as in the hinterland, and an excellent gastronomical offer. For many years, Istria has been one of the top gastronomic destinations where you can enjoy Mediterranean and continental cuisine. You have probably heard that Istria is home to the finest truffles. This mushroom is one of the main ingredients of Istria’s most famous dish - truffle fuzi. In the southernmost region, where the Mediterranean pearl, Dubrovnik, is located. We recommend you try the finest oysters from Mali Ston Bay, Zelena Menestra from Konavle and, for dessert, Kotonjata or candied lemon and orange peel. The favorite dish of many locals is sporki makaruli or pasta with meat sauce. A succulent dish, traditionally prepared on the eve of Saint Blaise’s feast.

Apart from fertile fields, Slavonia is surrounded by three major rivers: the Sava, the Danube, and the Drava, and many other water bodies rich in fish and crabs. The most famous fish dish is the fish stew, better known as fish-paprikas. It is prepared with river fish pieces, various spices, and white wine, giving the stew a characteristic color and spiciness. The center of Croatia is characterized by unspoiled nature and numerous stunning parks. One of the most popular Croatian dishes from this region is the game goulash with bread dumplings. This region is also known for producing a range of natural products such as jams and honey. The most famous dish of the northern Croatia is definitely the zagorje strukli. This dish is excellent as an appetizer, side dish, main course, or dessert. The strukli is made of dough filled with fresh cow cheese. There are also many variations of this dish, like sweet strukli with blueberries, apples, and cinnamon and truffle strukli. If we organize your corporate retreat in Croatia, we will let you try some of these local Croatian dishes that will impress your colleagues. Enjoy the diversity of Croatian culinary offerings! We are convinced that everyone will find their favorite dish!

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