Samuel Krief 04.04.2024 Team Building Trip To Montpellier

There are numerous reasons why a business leader might organize a corporate retreat. Indeed, such events are crucial for enhancing communication within a team. They also play a vital role in building connections among colleagues and reinforcing a sense of belonging among employees. A corporate retreat is also an excellent tool for retaining top talent in your company and uncovering everyone’s hidden skills. Without a doubt, organizing a team retreat in Montpellier will allow your company to reach a new level of performance thanks to the collective effort of all your employees. With this in mind, you can entrust us with the organization of this event to ensure it goes smoothly. But why choose Montpellier for your corporate retreat?

A city that is easily accessible by high-speed train, train, or plane.

A major city in the Occitanie region, Montpellier is situated on a significant communication axis between Spain and Italy. This large city in the south of France is thus easily accessible by road, whether via the national highways or the A9 and A75 motorways.

If you decide to organize your corporate retreat in Montpellier, participants can also reach the location by train, whether it’s by TGV, Eurostar, Thalys, Talgo, or regional trains. For information, Marseille is 1h40 away by rail, Lyon 1h50, Toulouse 1h55, Paris 3h20, and Lille 5h.

It’s also feasible to arrive in Montpellier by plane. Indeed, Montpellier-Méditerranée International Airport has several daily flights to major cities in France and main European cities. And it is only 8 kilometers from the city center. We also provide direct shuttle services at your disposal that allow reaching the hotel from the airport.

2. A pleasant environment for your corporate trip

Organizing a corporate trip to Montpellier is an excellent idea as the city enjoys a privileged location in the south of France. Firstly, it’s a sunny city since the agglomeration benefits from a Mediterranean climate.

Furthermore, Montpellier is only about ten kilometers from the Mediterranean. This allows you to set up nautical activities for your team building. The villages around the city also offer perfect playgrounds for your activities and immerse participants in a magical and unusual setting.

Don’t forget the historic center and the narrow streets that can perfectly host team building challenges in Montpellier. You can contact us for assistance in choosing the best team building activities for your colleagues.

3. A sufficient hotel park and facilities for an offsite

In recent years, Montpellier has seen the development of its hotel sector, notably with the establishment of major hotel chains and independent hotels. All this infrastructure can perfectly accommodate participants for a team building in Montpellier. You have a wide range of accommodation for your colleagues, depending on your needs, the duration of the event, the number of participants, and your budget.

As specialists in organizing corporate trips in Montpellier, we can support you in choosing the hotel that will welcome the participants. Likewise, Montpellier has become a sought-after destination for offsites, conferences, and team buildings. As such, the offer of venues for hosting these professional events has significantly increased, both quantitatively and qualitatively.

To get an idea, there are more than 40 venues with capacities from 10 to 100 places in the agglomeration to host such events. If you are looking for a venue with more than 100 places, you have a choice of more than 10 establishments. Finally, there are more than 5 venues with 200 places and 3 venues with 300 places. Therefore, you have a wide range of choices concerning the venue for your corporate retreat in Montpellier.

An abundance of activities for your team building trip to Montpellier

The success of a team building also lies in the wise choice of activities to offer participants. In this context, we propose taking advantage of our expertise in setting up a team building trip to Montpellier.

Our team can advise you on choosing activities that align with your goals, the duration of the stay in Montpellier, the number of participants, and your budget. It’s important to note that there’s a wide variety of activities that can be included in the corporate event. Among these, several categories can be found:

  • Cultural and discovery activities such as a Segway ride to explore the historic center of Montpellier, exploring the Place de la Comédie, visiting museums (Atger Museum, Fabre Museum, Anatomy Museum, etc.), a green team retreat at the Promenade du Peyrou park, a photo investigation around the city’s emblematic monuments, etc.
  • Olympiads and sports challenges include water activities such as kayaking, swimming, jet skiing sessions, and catamaran or canoe rides. You can also opt for sports activities like golf, archery, tennis, cycling, or hiking in the woods. Don’t forget fun activities like bowling, billiards, bubble soccer, rallying, raiding, building a human-sized wind turbine, etc.
  • Atypical activities such as escape rooms, cooking workshops with a starred chef, a murder party, treasure hunting in the city streets, quizzes, virtual reality activities, culinary challenges, creating a collaborative mural, introduction to wine tasting, making a video clip,

As you can see, organizing a team building trip to Montpellier requires turning to a professional in the field. We offer to take advantage of our expertise and long experience to relieve you of all the stress associated with setting up such a significant event.

We provide you with the expertise of our team to ensure the success of your team building. With this, you’ll be able to achieve all your goals while giving your collaborators the opportunity to excel and reveal their hidden talents. To end the event on a high note, we can also organize a trophy presentation evening where a friendly atmosphere and good spirits will be the highlights.


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