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Employees spend the majority of their lives at work. Therefore, it is crucial to establish a pleasant and comfortable environment. But beyond that, a good atmosphere and strong team cohesion are necessary. For this purpose, organizing a team building is essential. Marbella is among the best destinations to host a corporate event. Why is that?

team building en espagne

Team building: Why go to Marbella?

To ensure a successful team building, opt for an environment that is pleasant, friendly, and welcoming. Hence, choosing the destination should not be taken lightly. Marbella is a Spanish resort town located 1,500 kilometers from Paris. Travel options include flying, driving, or taking the train. Marbella is known for its stunning beaches and breathtaking landscapes. Moreover, the sun shines nearly all year round (at least 300 days a year). This allows the team to enjoy the great weather and create unforgettable moments together. To accommodate your colleagues for several days, you have a selection of establishments to fit any budget. Additionally, you can choose from a wide range of activities that will ensure your employees have unique experiences during your offsite in Marbella.

2. What are the advantages of team building?

A team building session is indeed a significant investment for a company, but it’s an event that can bring many benefits.

  • Strengthening bonds and easing conflicts

Organizing a team building is an excellent way to bolster solidarity, tighten bonds among employees, and boost team spirit. In the case of internal conflicts, the event can help members ease tensions and establish trust. They also get to know each other better outside of the professional setting.
  • Boosting performance

The activities require mobilizing various skills. Thus, it’s the perfect opportunity to uncover hidden talents among your employees. The workshops also highlight the abilities of each participant and enhance their creativity.
  • Enhancing employee motivation

Through team building activities, employees feel valued. They become more motivated and engaged at work. Furthermore, they become more open, and hierarchical barriers fade away. Communication thus becomes more fluid. Regardless, all employees will have a great time thanks to various entertainment options.
  • Moving forward together

Team building activities require team cohesion. Employees must support each other and move forward together to achieve the set goal. This also ensures a good mood and improves productivity at work. In any case, team building not only helps in retaining employees but also creates a sense of belonging, making them adhere to the company’s values.

3. How to ensure the successful organization of a team building in Marbella?

Team building is a motivational tool that allows employees to gather outside their usual work environment. They will participate in fun challenges with a specific goal. To successfully organize the event, it’s important to set the objectives beforehand. This helps determine the type of activities to prioritize, as they must align with the company’s values.

Also, try to determine the date and location of the activities in advance. Moreover, everyone should participate, without exception. That’s why it’s very important to choose a challenge that is accessible to all employees. To assist with the preparations, contact a company specialized in this field. They can offer the best team building ideas in Marbella that match your expectations and budget.

What are the best team building activities in Marbella?

Marbella offers numerous green spaces and pristine beaches ideal for team building activities. To enjoy a time of fun and relaxation with colleagues, here is a list of the best activities to organize in the area during your team retreat in Marbella.

Canyoning is an adrenaline-filled activity you should consider. It’s an extraordinary outdoor activity and a great way to ease tensions among employees and strengthen group cohesion. This sport is also beneficial for the personal development of your colleagues. The goal is to descend a canyon from upstream to downstream. The advantage is that canyoning is accessible at all levels. However, communication is essential for everyone’s safety. Participants will have the opportunity to surpass themselves to overcome their fears and maintain control.

The Olympiads are a flagship team building activity in Marbella. Held outdoors, they offer relaxation and fun. On the beaches of Andalusia, you can opt for beach games, which include various sports and games:

  • beach volleyball
  • beach hockey
  • bubble football
  • sack race
  • tug-of-war
  • soccer
  • blind pails pétanque
  • badminton
  • spider-web…

Participants are divided into several teams according to the number of people. The aim is to win as many activities as possible. The group with the most trophies will be the “winner”.

Here’s an original game that requires both physical and mental strength. This challenge involves numerous obstacles to overcome. It’s appealing for its adventurous aspect. First, to build a raft, you must work together. Team spirit and organization are crucial for success. Teams are first coached to understand the instructions. Then, they develop a strategy and plan of action to complete the project successfully. It’s very important to distribute tasks to save time. Once the raft is finished, it’s time for the next step: the race. You must prove to the others that your raft is the fastest!

By participating in a sailing race, your colleagues will have a unique experience. Sailing is a very popular water sport in Marbella. Participants are divided into two or more teams and are overseen by a captain. Regardless of skill level, these outings are accessible to all. The cost is also affordable for everyone. Depending on the number of people, you can reserve several sailboats at the same time. Then, the challenge begins. The fastest boat wins the race!

If you prefer an activity that combines mystery and adrenaline, an escape game is a great choice. During an escape game, your colleagues can have an unforgettable experience. The offered themes are varied and can meet all expectations. To succeed, patience, teamwork, and creativity are required. Puzzles are the essence of the escape game. Generally, the team has 60 minutes to solve various challenges, such as:

searching: you must look for objects or clues puzzles: you must use logic to find the right answers

There are also scenarios imagined by the creator. The adventure can take several forms: science fiction, history, solving a crime… Everyone can participate, as no specific physical or intellectual skills are needed.

team building en espagne

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