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Are you looking for a cosmopolitan destination for your next team building? Why not Germany and its 357,386 km² of area? The German territory has several exceptional tourist sites and major cities that deserve your attention for organizing a corporate retreat. A stay in this beautiful country is an opportunity for your team to discover the charms of a historical destination. The programs we offer for this event will undoubtedly strengthen cohesion and bonds among your team members.

Séminaire d'entreprise en Allemagne

The must-visit cities in Germany for a successful corporate retreat

Several German cities are among the top 25 most livable destinations in the world, according to the latest Mercer ranking. To be on this list, they must meet specific conditions such as safety, climate, or architecture…


The capital and largest city of Germany is located in the northeast of the country. It was founded in the 13th century. It ranks first globally among cultural and artistic cities with hundreds of museums, theaters, and cultural spaces. Its semi-continental climate is characterized by an annual heat record of 38.1 °C and a cold of -26 °C. Exploring the city and its surroundings can be done in a trabant, reminiscent of the 60s to 90s. Everyone can learn to drive this Berlin mode of transportation.


This city is teeming with anecdotes and unusual places to satisfy the curiosity of its visitors. Hamburg is built around the Alster, the Bille, and the Elbe river, which houses the country’s first port and the third in Europe. The port’s Fischmarkt is renowned not only for its fish but also for the other goods sold and the animation of local artists. The half-timbered houses of the Blankenesse district or its ingenious steps will charm you. This walking tour will strengthen the bond among team members during your corporate trip in Germany.


The former capital of Bavaria under Napoleon Bonaparte in 1806 is now Germany’s third city. With your guide, tour the city on rollerblades or a segway. It is known for its cultural diversity, opera, and ballets. One of the most festive events in Munich is the Oktoberfest, which starts in mid-September and runs until early October. It mixes historical as well as contemporary entertainments. Moreover, the city is home to majestic monuments from past centuries and pleasant public spaces to taste the best German dishes. Many other cities can also warmly host your team for a successful offsite.

Various tourist attractions for your corporate retreat in Germany

Germany ranks fourth among the top five global powers. This state is the leading economy in the European Union. However, don’t be fooled, it has managed to preserve the remnants of its history despite its industrialization. All these wonders are open to you during your corporate retreat.

  • Exploring Berlin’s zoological gardens is a way to dive into an astonishing natural wealth. The Berlin park is considered one of the most significant reserves in the world, gathering over 20,000 animal species. It features an aquarium and a terrarium for the famous crocodiles.
  • The Dresdner Heide is a forest located in the city of Dresden. It is the setting for numerous natural activities for visitors. Organizing a fun walk in this green space will allow your team to bike, immerse themselves in the role of warriors during an archery contest, or engage in high-rope courses, among other activities.
  • Discover one of humanity’s treasures with your team. Indeed, there are 46 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Germany. One of the most interesting is located around the Alps: the prehistoric pile dwellings. Visiting this site gives you the opportunity to go back in history and awaken the archaeologist within you.
  • Sport is one of the fields contributing to Germany’s fame. The construction of the Olympic Stadium in Munich was aimed at hosting the 1972 Olympic Games. The explanations and anecdotes from your guide about this monument will surely rekindle your group’s interest.

Ensure proper organization of your corporate retreat in Germany.

At the location of your stay, the workspaces that will host your meetings will be equipped with quality materials to meet all your needs. The capacity of the room is based on the number of participants, and you have the option to choose a legendary address. An offsite organized under the stars or in a room offering a panoramic view of the surroundings will motivate your colleagues even more.

At the end of the day, enjoy a gala dinner in a special place in Hamburg, for example. Our French-speaking facilitators will bring friendliness and a warm atmosphere by organizing many team-building games. Bosseln is one of the most played games in the north of Germany and dates back to the 14th century. Members of each team must throw a ball as far as possible in an attempt to win the victory. Take up the coach’s challenge for a bike race or relay to strengthen team spirit.

To hope for a more positive feedback after the corporate retreat, you can personalize the decoration of the premises by privatizing the space. Contactez for more details regarding the organization of your corporate retreat in Germany. We will give you our most informed advice in accordance with your specifications!

Séminaire d'entreprise en Allemagne

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