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Uniting your team members is crucial to achieve a common goal and grow your business. Organizing a team retreat in the heart of the Maltese archipelago is an excellent way to achieve this. Valletta, the capital, is just 2h30 from Paris by plane, with sunny weather 300 days of the year. The activities offered during the stay are perfect for strengthening your team’s cohesion.

Séminaire d'entreprise à Malte

High-quality establishments and historical locations

During the few days you will spend in the Maltese capital, numerous hotels will open their doors to you. Each of them offers special services dedicated to satisfying its customers. The Maltese archipelago also houses unique restaurants, some of which have MICHELIN stars and are featured in the red guides.

For team evenings, Valletta offers you to visit its trendy nightclubs. To awaken the Indiana Jones in you and enrich your knowledge during your corporate retreat in Malta, explore the mythical places of the island. Valletta is a true historical and cultural melting pot.

Hotels to Suit All Budgets

Malta is an essential tourist destination in the Mediterranean. In Valletta, hotels for all budgets are established, with competitive prices and spectacular views of the surrounding landscapes. Ranging from the simplest to 5 stars, the local establishments offer all the comfort you can expect from quality accommodation.

The high-end establishments have heated indoor pools, spas, gyms, and other facilities for your comfort. The shuttle between the hotel and the airport can also be handled by the establishment. Most hotels in Valletta have meeting rooms equipped with new technologies, allowing the organization of corporate retreats in Malta, regardless of the number of participants.

For those who like to share their adventures on social networks, free WiFi is generally offered. Also discover Maltese cuisine, a culinary mixture of different cultures. The hotel offers you buffet lunches so you can taste the best dishes in the city.

A multitude of unusual places

Embark on a journey to explore the origins of the city aboard a 4x4 safari, and follow in the footsteps of its founder, Jean de La Valette, during your corporate retreat in Malta. His biography is presented in museums. Saint Elmo’s Fort is one of the island’s fortresses that traces back to ancient times. It is located at the tip of the Xiberras Peninsula and was built by the Order of Saint John of Jerusalem in 1552. The Basilica of Our Lady of Safe Havens and Saint Dominic is dedicated to the Virgin of Safe Havens and is managed by the Dominicans.

Visiting the third-largest island in the Maltese archipelago will allow you to discover Comino. It is situated between the islands of Malta and Gozo, the second largest, with its beautiful white beaches. Its channel with Cominotto is nicknamed the Blue Lagoon. Enjoy Mediterranean cuisine by the sea, on the banks of Saint Julian’s port, or by taking a tour on a schooner, all while listening to the story of the Three Cities.

Wine enthusiasts on your team will be delighted by a guided tour of one of the city’s vineyards. This return to the roots will be an opportunity for everyone to learn the secrets of making this legendary drink. The owner will offer a tasting of their finest production.

4. Diverse activities

A guided tour of the old town’s places and monuments will be provided by a French-speaking guide. Activities can vary as part of organizing your corporate retreat in Valletta. Treasure hunting in the city is a perfect entertainment to mix discovery and fun. Participants are divided into several teams. Armed with a camera and a map of Malta, each group that brings the most surprising image wins the victory. Equally interesting, the walking rally involves exploring the city by answering riddles related to local history and cultures. This game is a playful way to unite and bring you closer to the locals.

You can also organize activities around the sea to promote team cohesion. The beach games include various challenges, team games on the beach. The sea excursion, aboard old sailing ships, will enhance the unity of the entire team. The most active can participate in adrenaline-pumping games such as jet skiing or banana riding.

To end your evenings during your corporate retreat in Malta on a high note, your senses will be awakened with the trio of food, wine, and songs. During this dinner, you will not only appreciate the best Maltese dishes served to you but also the bucolic and soothing setting in which you will be immersed. Also experience the rhythm of the island with a gala dinner animated by DJs and traditional Maltese music. These are just a few examples among the many activities and animations waiting for you during your stay in Valletta.

Valletta is the ideal place to organize your corporate retreat in Malta. Do not hesitate to take the step to live a unique adventure in the Republic of Malta. To discover the programs offered by, visit the site without waiting. We will be pleased to meet your requirements.


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