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It’s done! You’ve been waiting for this moment for months, you’ve meticulously planned and organized it. Your agenda is set, everything is ready! Except for one detail, destination: Unknown! At least, you were considering Caracas, then Marseille, then a bit of Safari in the desert, finally Hawaii!


Well, are you forgetting anything? Mediterranean coast, summer freshness, mild spring, fine sand… Lisbon! We introduce you to this city with its fine sandy beaches, bright colors, famous for its exotic freshness and perfect for your corporate trips.

Voyage d'entreprise à Lisbonne

Corporate trip to Lisbon, Mediterranean discovery

Do you wish to experience unique moments in a dynamic, immersive, and team-building environment? Lisbon is an outstanding choice! It’s a coastal and historical city known for its vibrancy and hospitableness. What about the Palacio Estoril Hotel… with a stunning sea view, golf course, spa, and massage. More than just a holiday hotel, it’s the very expression of Lisbon life. A corporate trip for a few days for relaxation and escapade, away from the usual hassles of daily life.

An attractive city, one can never run out of praises once discovered. The first impression you will have of Lisbon will be the gentleness of the coastal breeze, like an intoxicating and soothing wind. Visitors feel at home. That Lisbon is the capital of one of the key countries on the Iberian peninsula is justified. A city characteristic of coastal tourism, many architectural treasures and sites are there to be discovered.

2. Corporate trip to Saint Georges Castle

A renowned Moorish castle from the 11th century, this royal residence offers an impressive view of medieval-era constructions. With its imposing stature and nestled on a hill, Saint Georges Castle reflects the cultural richness of Portugal.

3. Discovering the “Elevador Santa Justa”

Who wouldn’t dream of admiring Lisbon by elevator with a panoramic view! In the heart of Lisbon, at Alfama, the Santa Justa lookout is far from being an ordinary elevator. “The first impression I had was like a leap into the void. Then, the arcades and belvederes appeared. This breathtaking and incredible view left me speechless with admiration. It was simply majestic!” explained a tourist during a last expedition.

It’s a picturesque monument, with atypical and unique architecture. Stretching up to 45 meters high with golden wood decorations, it offers an incredible view. The “elevador santa justa” transports you into the neo-gothic era as if you were there. And, it’s an unforgettable experience, conducive to team cohesion.

4. Queluz Royal Palace

Built in the 18th century, the palace combines extravagance and delicacy. It was the official residence of the Portuguese Regency. Indeed, the building recalls the history of ancient Portugal, the Napoleonic army, and the behind-the-scenes of a tumultuous history of the Portuguese monarchy. From prehistory to contemporary times, the history of Portugal is expressed in discovery and authenticity through various palaces, castles, Belem Tower, Jeronimos Monastery, Cabo da Roca.

But Lisbon is also about gastronomy and sharing during your corporate trips.

5. Corporate Trip to Lisbon, Unheard-of Flavors

Bacalhau com Natas, grilled fish, mead in designated settings such as Las Docas… visit Lisbon and let yourself be enchanted by an unparalleled Mediterranean gastronomy with unforgettable and transporting flavors.

Georges, regarding a corporate retreat in the city of Lisbon, testified: “I’ve tasted many flavors, but this one is a pure delight!”

The dish, Bacalhau com Natas, is made with salted and dried cod (Bacalhau), cream, and olive oil. A typical dish from the local cuisine, it’s an opportunity to share moments among colleagues, friends, and family in a relaxed and joyful atmosphere. Moreover, Lisbon’s pastries are also renowned for their delicacy.

6. Lisbon: Teambuilding, Relaxation, and Entertainment

Wish to try your hand at being Tiger Woods? Allow yourself to be tempted by spacious greens where amateur and professional golfers escape on satin lawns.

Lisbon is also about visits along the Atlantic. You will enjoy boat trips with a warm atmosphere in team building and the competitive atmosphere of mini regattas.

At the end of the journey, you will surely be swept away by the sensuality of massages with exotic scented oils offered by the spas: Lisbon, a delight for all senses.

Finally, what could be more enchanting than a guided tour rich in cultural discovery as well as visual and sensational charm. You will certainly return more relaxed, reinvigorated, and satisfied from this unforgettable offsite in Lisbon.

Voyage d'entreprise à Lisbonne

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