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Just 2 hours from Paris, Rennes ranks high on the list of the most pleasant cities to live in France, and it’s no surprise: the city is full of green spaces, carefully preserves its history, and has the appeal of a big city. The old center boasts 90 historic monuments, where imposing 18th-century mansions stand alongside medieval timber-framed houses. The Place des Lices, every Saturday morning, offers a vibrant nightlife, unparalleled cultural attractions, and one of the largest weekly markets in France. Overall, a city that has all the necessary features to host your corporate trip, and that will offer you the opportunity to motivate, reward, integrate, or retain your employees in a pleasant setting. Let’s discover the best things to do in Rennes:

Séminaire à Rennes

Old Rennes

Around the cathedral, there is a network of streets where half-timbered houses have survived the fire of 1720, and are worth admiring. Rue de la Psalette and Rue du Chapitre have charming and deformed jutting houses that hang above the small cobblestone streets. Take a moment to appreciate the age-old carvings of their timber framing. In Rue du Chapitre, you will also find the Hôtel de Blossac, dating back to 1728, and one of the most beautiful neoclassical houses built after the fire. During your corporate retreat in Rennes, set off with your colleagues to discover these little wonders during a pedestrian rally team-building activity.

2. Parc du Thabor

On the city’s highest hill, Parc du Thabor spans ten hectares and includes the most sublime gardens you can see. If you need convincing, imagine the rose gardens in summer, where over 2,000 varieties bloom each year. Not only will you enjoy the view with your colleagues during your corporate event, but we will organize all sorts of activities that will help you bond in a charming place.

3. Parc des Gayeulles

If you’re interested in a green corporate trip, the Parc des Gayeulles is perfect for taking care of the environment and instilling eco-responsibility in your company. Extending over a large part of the northeast of Rennes, the Parc de Gayeulles is a way to get out into nature without having to stray far from Rennes. Acres of fields, verdant woods… You will also find numerous facilities, such as campgrounds, an indoor ice rink, a zoo with cows, donkeys, and horses, as well as five lakes, one of which is equipped with pedal boats and a bar-restaurant on the shore. Simply ideal for your corporate trip around nature.

4. Marché des Lices

For a medium-sized city, Rennes has more than its share of markets, with a total of 20. But all of them take place on Saturday mornings in the Place des Lices. This will make your life easier during a team-building around Breton products where the most gourmet among your colleagues will be more than satisfied during your food-themed offsite. This market, an institution in Rennes since 1622, is the third largest in the country, with 300 producers, traders, and craftsmen. Just in the Halles Martenot alone, there are 40 butchers, and outside, you will find stalls of flowers, bakers, cheesemakers, and craftsmen who make Breton specialties. During your corporate retreat, this is also where you can get your hands on real Breton snacks, such as the galette-saucisse, a sausage wrapped in a buckwheat crepe and preferably enjoyed with local cider.

5. Museums and Monuments

Musée des Beaux-Arts or the Museum of Brittany, the Portes Mordelaises, Saint-Pierre Cathedral, the Palais de Saint-Georges, or the Palais du Commerce or that of the parliament, the Opera of Rennes… and many other buildings. You certainly won’t be bored if you want to dive into History during your corporate event and of course, we will be there to guide you and prepare a team-building that will make you discover these exquisite monuments and discover each other to better serve your company.

6. Day Trip

There are tons of inspiration for day trips if you’re looking for diversity during your corporate trip in Rennes. Mont Saint-Michel, one of the jewels of French heritage, hardly needs an introduction. You can get to this medieval wonder in less than an hour. Then, there’s the port of Saint-Malo, a former pirate haven still fortified by its historic walls. Or, away from the coast, La Roche-aux-Fées is a true paradise: It’s one of the fascinating Neolithic monuments of Brittany, a passage grave configured as a corridor that perfectly aligns with the sunrise on the winter solstice.

No need to remind you that the happy team at will do more than possible to make your event a success and turn it into an extraordinary experience.

Séminaire à Rennes

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