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For your next corporate retreat, dive into the heart of the land of a thousand and one nights by choosing Morocco as your destination. With immediate change of scenery, enchanting venues, renowned gastronomy, and a rich history, this sun-soaked destination is perfect for motivating your professional team with joy and good spirits. The region also boasts countless conference hotels ready to welcome you with legendary hospitality. Here are the good reasons to organize a corporate trip to Morocco.

Séminaire d'entreprise au Maroc

A turnkey corporate retreat destination

Located just three hours by flight from Paris, Morocco offers the assurance of an easily accessible change of scenery. With only a one to two-hour time difference, your team and you are sure to maintain your energy upon landing, fully enjoying your corporate retreat in Morocco. Numerous connections make it possible to reach Marrakech, Rabat, or Tangier from your city. Another advantage is that Morocco offers a wide selection in terms of luxurious accommodations, with an affordable cost of living and a dream stay at an accessible price. Most of these establishments have comfortable meeting spaces, perfect for fostering your colleagues’ creativity. Corporate events, celebrations of all kinds, or original brainstorming sessions, the premises are carefully decorated and equipped to welcome you in the best conditions.

2. An Impressive Historical Richness

Located at the crossroads of Sub-Saharan Africa and Europe, Morocco is undoubtedly a country where civilizations and cultures meet. Its territory, once occupied by the Berbers, is now a major historical site, much to the delight of tourists. The country encompasses a plurality of cultures and a lifestyle that is typical of the Mediterranean basin, whether Oriental, Berber, or Andalusian in nature. This uniqueness is recognized by UNESCO. Rituals, gastronomic heritage, traditional festivals, and more are among the treasures that make Morocco a prime destination to discover during a team retreat that promises originality. Essaouira, Fès, Rabat, or Agadir, each Moroccan city has its own unique charm, inviting you to forget the stress of daily life during a corporate retreat. A sure way to pep up and boost the morale of your team!

3. An Incredible Cultural Richness

A corporate trip is incomplete without the discovery of cultural jewels, and Morocco has plenty:

  • The Medina of Fès with its countless souks organized by trade.
  • Essaouira, a stunning port city that charms with its immaculate monuments. Delicately painted in white lime, it is the jewel of the rocky peninsula that shelters it.
  • Rabat, the Moroccan capital, which houses the jewels of the monarchy, majestic and timeless, including the Royal Palace and the mosque.
  • Marrakech, the millennial city of indescribable beauty, which is a must-see during your offsite in Morocco. A historical and cultural gem of the Kingdom, it is home to the sumptuous Bahia Palace nestled in the heart of Marrakech’s Jewish Mellah. For a breath of fresh air, take a detour through the Majorelle Garden, a true green lung of the city. With your team, enjoy a refreshing break in this secluded haven away from the hustle and bustle of the big city.
  • Jemaa El Fna Square, the meeting place for snake charmers, natural product sellers, magicians, preachers, and traditional dancers. A spectacle not to be missed!

4. Dining: Legendary Gastronomy

Known as one of the most sophisticated in the world, Moroccan culinary art is a gem jealously preserved over time. A blend of Arab, Mediterranean, Maghreb, and African expertise among others, this cuisine reveals an originality and richness found nowhere else. Experience a true delight for your taste buds during your corporate trip to Morocco through recipes with both sweet and spicy flavors, combining paprika, ginger, or saffron. You will undoubtedly come across it while exploring the colorful stalls in the markets. Do not hesitate to take some home, as a souvenir or simply for a genuine introduction to Moroccan cuisine. Without further ado, here are the top 10 specialties to discover or rediscover during your corporate trip to Morocco:

  • The famous Moroccan Couscous;
  • The essential Marrakech Tanjia;
  • Pastilla;
  • Tajine;
  • Rfissa;
  • Merozia;
  • Zallouk;
  • Seffa;
  • Harira;
  • Baghrir.

For an assured sensory escape, choose to enjoy these delights in an exceptional setting: palaces, modern and design hotels, or riads. Whether traditional or revisited, the local cuisine promises great discoveries during your corporate trip to Morocco.

5. Team Building in Morocco: A range of enriching activities

Organizing a corporate retreat in Morocco also means putting together a program conducive to good spirits, combining sharing, discovery, and team cohesion. Its landscape dotted with deserts, cities, and mountains makes Morocco a favorable destination for team building activities. Between desert plateaus, dirt tracks, and Berber villages, there are numerous opportunities for walks, excursions, and hikes. Highlights include:

  • 4x4 excursion in the Agafay desert and Kik Plateau;
  • Urban team challenge;
  • 4x4 excursion in the 3 Valleys and the High Atlas;
  • Quad biking in the Agafay desert;
  • Excursion in the Ourika Valley;
  • Adventure course in the High Atlas;
  • Camel ride with a meal in a kasbah;
  • Berber dinner show;
  • Evening in a club;
  • Traditional Hammam.
Practicality, a rich heritage, and unparalleled cuisine, along with a wide choice of team building activities… no more excuses to miss a corporate retreat in Morocco with your team! To this is added a comforting and warm Mediterranean climate, ideal for energizing your collaborators in a friendly atmosphere.
In the heart of the desert, in spacious rooms in the center of Marrakech or in ecolodges away from urban noise, various comfortable and modern infrastructures adapting to your needs and budget are available for an unforgettable corporate retreat.
To relieve you of technical and administrative constraints, the team at offers personalized support allowing you to fully enjoy your team building stay in Morocco.

Séminaire d'entreprise au Maroc

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