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Organize your corporate retreat in Lyon, not only because it is incredibly beautiful, but for 80 years, it has also been recognized as the gastronomic capital of France and the world. In 1935, the famous French gastronomic critic Curnonsky, nicknamed the Prince of Gastronomy, described the city of Lyon as the “world capital of gastronomy”. If, in your company, gluttony is your sin, you are bound to organize your corporate retreat in Lyon. You will test, try, and enjoy the food, and you will discover together the origins of a common passion in France: the love of French food. Lyon is an amazing place: a large modern and historical city. It is full of authentic French people who have their own way of communicating but who are charming, funny, and talkative, which adds to the charm of the city. But instead of renting Lyon for its beauty and its importance as a French city, here are ten reasons why you should organize your corporate retreat in the city of lights.

séminaire gastronomique à Lyon

Due to its geographical location

For a culinary corporate retreat, Lyon is surrounded by some of the finest raw materials in France and has become a hub for a variety of first-rate regional ingredients and products. Summer vegetables come from the farms of Charolais, fish from the lakes of Savoy, game from the Dombes, the best pork from the Lyonnais Mountains, and spring fruits and vegetables from Drôme and Ardèche. Quality wines are also available in Beaujolais and the Rhône Valley, not to forget the range of local cheeses. The “royalty” of chickens comes from Bresse, and of course, Bresse is the origin of the delicious Bresse Bleu cheese! And it’s not just that, we can even take you to discover these places during your culinary corporate retreat and organize team-buildings as fun as they are effective to strengthen your team’s cohesion.

Lyon is well known for its abundant markets, which provide an excellent alternative to the Halle de Lyon. One of the best is located on the boulevard de la Croix-Rousse. Situated on a steep hill, the market offers not only the freshest regional products but also breathtaking views. Another very popular market is the Saint-Antoine farmers’ market, which you should not miss during your corporate event, where farmers set up their market tables along the banks of the Saône. This is an authentic way to experience the importance the French place on food and to discover the Lyonnaise art of selling cheese, wine, and sausages during a team-building in the form of challenges to see who are the most thrifty and knowledgeable in your company.

It’s hard to know where to begin with the myriad of Lyonnaise specialties in every category. Lyon is synonymous with rich and rustic French cuisine and is famous for a number of unique meals: think of a smoked pork sausage with pistachios served on a dollop of creamed potato puree, or a goose liver pate skewer, or a colorful macaron, and of course, the well-known quenelles, usually a creamy fish blend. And then there are the very typical Lyonnais sausages and their varieties. As for cheese, Lyon offers the Isère varieties St-Marcellin and St-Félicien. During your culinary corporate retreat in Lyon, a group cooking class is a must, not only will you learn to make a quality gastronomic dish, but also the subtle art of precision and detail to your entire team, because every ingredient matters just like every member of your company.

Thanks to the famous Halles de Lyon

This prestigious covered market was established in 1971, then renovated and renamed in 2006 in honor of the great French chef Paul Bocuse. If during your corporate retreat you are looking to experience things all together, a tasting rally in the Halles de Lyon will help you bond, or if you simply wish to have lunch or dinner in an unusual place, you will find what you need here. It is also worth visiting the Halles de Lyon because you can sometimes see Mr. Bocuse chatting with traders and his suppliers. They are easily accessible in the center of Lyon, next to La Part Dieu - another place we will take you to visit during your corporate retreat in the city of lights.

5. Because Lyon has welcomed many great chefs

During your professional culinary corporate trip, you will have the opportunity to taste the very best of French cuisine during your corporate evenings, because Lyon has always been a base and development site for chefs, notably for the “mothers of Lyon” who were emblematic women in the creation of Lyon’s “bouchons” and in building the city’s culinary reputation.

6. Because Lyon has “bouchons”

A “bouchon” is a unique type of restaurant found only in Lyon. They are part of Lyon’s history and are usually small bistros that serve a specific type of cuisine, have a special atmosphere, as well as a typical décor. According to a French language school, the word “bouchon” does not exist in any other French city. And of course, we will not miss the chance to have lunch or dinner together in one of them, they will be sure to share their warm atmosphere, perfect for bonding and creating memories in a non-professional setting among professionals. After all, that’s what a culinary corporate trip is for.

7. Because Lyon maintains its rich culinary traditions

In addition to the well-known Lyon culinary traditions such as “bouchons” and the recipes of the Mothers of Lyon, Lyon supports and continues the great tradition of “mâchon” in the city. This seems mysterious to you? The “mâchon” is a type of meal served in the morning (before lunch) but it is a hearty meal. It may start with a pâté, followed by a main course based on meat with a sauce, and finish with a bit of cheese. The “mâchon” tradition comes directly from the canuts - the silk workers of the Croix-Rousse returning from their night shifts hungry and stopping in local bars to share a meal. Once again, Lyon proves that your gourmet colleagues will be more than satisfied during your culinary corporate retreat.

Due to the pope of French cuisine

You have probably already heard of the famous French chef Mr. Bocuse, who was dubbed the pope of French cuisine. He is an exceptional chef who introduced nouvelle cuisine to Lyon and the whole world. This style of cooking is characterized by lighter and more delicate dishes and by greater attention to the presentation of food. It could be said that he broke the rules of the traditional Lyon taverns (very heavy meals) - and succeeded. Another way to experience everything the capital of French cuisine has to offer in this area during your team retreat.

9. Due to the quality and number of restaurants, bakeries, pastry shops, and chocolatiers

For your corporate trip, you will be spoilt for choice. More than 1500 fine dining options, 13 prestigious Michelin stars, the highest number of restaurants per capita in France, the culinary establishments are abundant in this center of gastronomic experimentation and innovation. Moreover, there are many authentic dining places, such as the century-old brasseries or traditional bouchons, but worry not! We know the best addresses and will not hesitate to introduce you to them, a good example being Bouchon des Filles, where you won’t find a menu but instead, the owner will tell you what is being served. Beyond restaurants, there are other jewels of Lyon cuisine: delicatessens, cheese shops, chocolatiers, bakeries, patisseries, dairy shops, etc. Among the recommendations are delicatessens Bonnard and Sabilia, the cheese shop Galland (Croix-Rousse), the delicious bakery/patisserie Jocteur, chocolatier Bernachon…etc.

10. Because Lyon hosts Sirha

Sirha, founded in Lyon in 1983, is the largest professional and international trade fair dedicated to catering and hospitality. Since then, Lyon has had the responsibility of gathering the best in gastronomy. Thus, Sirha has become an important networking venue and a place to discover new trends - and a great event for the public to taste new foods. Sirha features 17 professional competitions, including prestigious international contests like the Bocuse d’Or and the Pastry World Cup. Indeed, for your turnkey corporate retreat, we will organize your own culinary competition, a Masterchef team-building activity that will boost your team’s creativity, and end with a cooking party to delight and relax the atmosphere.

séminaire gastronomique à Lyon

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