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Just 2 hours by train from Paris lies the most favorable destination for business tourism. Famed for its astonishing connectivity, London is the most prestigious business capital in the world. The business trip there is thus very special. With your colleagues, are you considering spending a short stay in the London capital? Here are the activities to do for an unforgettable corporate retreat in London.

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Why London and not another destination?

For professional tourism, London is a real gem: it’s the premier destination for team building and corporate retreats. Its distinct style will take you into another era. Highly connected and easily accessible, the city welcomes professional groups from all over the world, so why not your team? With a wide choice of accommodation and activities, London promises a journey full of pleasant surprises and discoveries.

London’s reputation is well-deserved. The city offers a warm welcome to professional groups that stay there. London is stimulating and offers a variety of services. As a center of global business and finance, it’s an ideal destination for a corporate retreat. Beyond the multitude of meeting and conference spaces, the city is especially interesting for its cultural heritage, which is worth exploring to the fullest.

2. A range of unique spaces for your professional meetings

When heading to London for an offsite, one does not neglect work. The capital offers a variety of warm rooms and spaces for a successful professional stay. You will easily find a flexible and equipped room, capable of hosting up to 100 people for your professional cocktails. Enjoy the unusual atmosphere of a London loft to share convivial moments with your colleagues.

To perfect your team retreat, opt for a London catering service and taste the city’s exquisite cuisine. If you’re considering a small-scale corporate trip, London also has beautifully English-decorated small rooms. Your colleagues will be impressed! The elegance and sophistication of these spaces will surely make an impact. These small rooms will make you forget the decor of your premises in Paris and will stimulate creativity.

In short, regardless of the number, the British capital has everything to satisfy you in terms of corporate trip or coworking spaces. Especially since they provide all the services necessary for a successful meeting: audiovisual equipment, WiFi, air conditioning, refreshments…

Exploring London by tracing the Beatles' journey

Fascinated by English pop culture? You surely know the famous Beatles, an iconic English band formed in 1960. With the aid of, do not miss this essential activity of English tourism, the “Beatles Tour”. After a business meeting or a team retreat with colleagues, the entire team participates in the London tour following in the footsteps of the four friends who make up this famous band. On the agenda: - discovery of the Abbey Road studios; - exploration of London’s history through its culture; - visit to the Hard Rock Café London; - etc.

For the more curious, also offers a scripted activity worthy of the greatest spy films. It’s the James Bond “Blacks Cabs” rally. The colleagues are divided into teams with the goal of solving puzzles while traversing the small alleys of London. The activity is both fun and filled with exciting moments, including teamwork, laughter, thinking, etc. Moreover, the missions listed in the program are complex enough to ensure participant satisfaction.

To end the day beautifully, dinner in a gourmet restaurant or a 100% British pub is offered. Before the end of the offsite, participants also enjoy their free time to stroll around the city as they wish.

  1. Other interesting activities to do in London

There are several reasons for companies to explore London: corporate retreats, incentive events or team building. By using the services of, you benefit from numerous advantages: - trip organized in detail: transfers, dining at the hotel and outside, meetings and other workshops, discovery and team-building activities (tour of London, exploration of London’s gastronomy, etc.); - time savings as all the logistics of your event are handled by our team.; - expert advice from our destination project managers.

Regarding activities in London, offers you a taste of English culinary specialties in a typical London restaurant. Colleagues will have the opportunity to enjoy delicious dishes while enjoying a breathtaking view of the Big Ben.

Next, we offer you a cultural visit on board the famous panoramic red buses of London. For this occasion, participants visit iconic places frequented by numerous stars. For instance, the itinerary includes the studio where the famous song “Hey Jude” was recorded.

Moreover, an unusual and entertaining activity is proposed to optimize group cohesion. It is a team-building rally in “the City of London”. The objective is to solve puzzles by finding clues in the alleys of London. To do this, colleagues are divided into teams. They roam the alleys with the means at their disposal to find the clues and decipher them. This activity is one of the best ways to discover the history of the city and to strengthen the bonds between colleagues. The time spent together promotes communication, team cohesion, and the unifying spirit of everyone.

London is an ideal city for professional tourism. It encompasses a host of original activities that promote team cohesion. For your next project, choose London and let manage your corporate trip with confidence without having to worry about its organization!

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